autumn leavesThe Morning After

Sometimes a “hangover” occurs regardless of whether or not anything altered your state the night before; nature is an excellent antidote.

The noise of media, spin, stress and what seems important can overwhelm the senses and your general equilibrium.

Give yourself a break. Get outside, immerse yourself in music, go to an art museum, escape to a long yoga class — whatever allows you a sense of peace. Turn off the rhetoric, other people’s opinions, your own monkey mind and have a retreat.

Even if it’s only a lunch break or a brisk stroll. Whatever you do, when you take the time-out, don’t think!

Observe, reflect, breath. Absorb the beauty of the moment, be present. You receive tremendous insight when you allow it to come instead of stretching to get there.

This is what allows the “hangover” to dissipate. You have to clear your head of worry and concerns that do not serve you. Responsibilities return but you are better poised to act when you take refreshment.

It seems counter-intuitive, but sometimes doing less enables you to make more happen.