The Power of Intuition

We are continually bombarded with information, spin and subliminal messages. More than ever, I am aware of each individual’s responsibility for mental, emotional and spiritual hygiene.

As I write this, I’ve just closed the door to mute the television as a news station runs yet another clip of Melissa McCarthy’s parody on Sean Spicer. The SNL bit threads through various bites of the usual talking heads in an attempt to provide some relief from the rhetoric. Her brilliant portrayal inspires a celebrity horoscope interpretation at a future date.

My husband loves to watch the news and politics, or rather, his habit is to watch.

How many times do we need to see or hear something? The endless stream of news may rile some up but it also can numb. You don’t even have to try to get the news and it comes to you via your phone. One has to be very strategic to avoid the information assault.

On the other hand, how many times a day do you get to quiet out thoughts and go within to silence?

Many people have no idea how to meditate or be mindful. A ride on the subway allows one the ability to study and scrutinize a face in a way that wasn’t possible years ago. As we burrow more and more into the information age we are losing our intuition. It is a form of intelligence that connects us to the Earth and one another.

When the Moon is in Cancer, the emotional weather encourages a connection to your inner home. What makes you feel safe, harbored and well-fed? I’m not just talking shelter and food, but to plumb your depth.

Before I slipped away from the television, we did watch InnSæi – the Power of Intuition on Netflix.

From its webpage, the definition of innsæi: ‘The ancient Icelandic word for intuition is “innsæi,” but in Iceland it has multiple meanings. It can mean “the sea within” which is the borderless nature of our inner world, a constantly moving world of vision, feelings and imagination beyond words.

It can mean “to see within” which means to know yourself, and to know yourself well enough to be able to put yourself in other people’s shoes. And it can mean “to see from the inside out” which is to have a strong inner compass to navigate your way in our ever-changing world.’

I love the word innsæi — it speaks volumes of the Icelandic people historically, that they would have a word to define “the sea within”. The sign of Cancer reminds us that we all have emotional roots; our bodies are mainly water and we come from the womb of the sea. We are richer when we honor our mother the Earth. A true listening to what is around you increases your ability to receive.

If you have a little over an hour to spare, this film is worth the time.

It is a gentle reminder that we have lost our ability to navigate without devices. We are a stronger species with the inner compass of intuition.


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