The Quiet Within

The Capricorn Moon encourages you to make the dream happen. Unlike a pie-in-the-sky mood, there is a strong mandate to crystallize reality.

For instance, it’s pointless when someone dreams about being a yoga teacher, but takes no steps to make that happen.

Dust off your goal and set it up for acceleration with the next lunar cycle. Acknowledge what may get in your way and find a place for it or send it packing.

Make time for meditation/reflection and visioning midday. Be aware of what enters your mind and heart because the ability to bring it into being is strong.

This means that you want to banish negative thoughts or any sense of limitation.

If you don’t know how to accomplish the goal, ask for help. If you don’t know who to ask, go to your Higher Self/Trusted Source.

If that sounds airy-fairy to you, then it’s time for a meditation practice. Make it simple.

Sit somewhere quiet. Let your breath relax into a gentle rhythm.

Say to yourself – I breathe in peace, I breathe out love.

Do it until you have no other thoughts in your head than those two prompts as you breathe.

You will know when you’ve connected to your inner self. You will feel a calm.

When you are ready to stop the meditation, come back into yourself with greater objectivity. Look for my coming New Moon meditation audio.

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