Beach Walk ©Cucinell 2010

The Waters Flow

You can still use the momentum of the New Moon for new enterprise, just start after 11:10 AM ET once the moon enters Pisces.

Now we are on the big dream train, the one that has no limits for money, love and vision. Make a date for a planning session with someone with whom you’d like to create magic — romantic, business or spiritual.

Even if the discussion is spontaneous, the ability to soar is profound. You may find yourself alone with this quickening, and that in no way diminishes its power.

The important thing is to capture it somehow. Write in a journal, take a brush to paper, record on your iPhone.

Free yourself from a keyboard or too much electronic control. If it’s intuitive for you to work a camera, then do it. You don’t want to get bogged down by figuring out how to do something, the energy supports those in flow.

If you are a skater, dancer, yogi or skier, allow yourself some creative movement. Sometimes the vision works itself out through the body; there are many ways you can liberate it into the physical domain. Make a vision board if you like.

Whatever you do, be present with what is in your head and heart. You can zone out in front of the TV another time; today let your soul sing,