marsForecast 5/18

The Capricorn Moon supports the achievement of goals. Morning choices lead to more focused experiences. Mars has slowed to almost a halt, as it comes to the place that it will begin its forward march from our perspective. Mars symbolizes assertion, action and desire. In this position, it gathers its forces.

You may not be able to spend time with everyone you would like to see you or you may have to cut back on certain expenses. Wherever you put your energy produces tangible results so you may decide to forgo a casual Sunday and put your shoulder into a task. This doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy some rest, but the big efforts made in the morning are worth your time.

A Mercury/Saturn picture in the late evening is a caution against quick posts or unedited comments; the boomerang is swift. The backlash may not have staying power, but why invite it in the first place?

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