IMG_1493Forecast 5/3

The moon glides in Cancer at 2:13 a.m. ET when sleep may deepen or beckon those still awake.

This is certainly a time to be quiet and take care of your needs because it may cause frustration to look to someone else to do that.

A Sun/Pluto picture in the sky enhances the strength of any project you want to put forth. Look for support, either financial or empowering, in matters of health, real estate and creativity.

This weekend carries the “seed” potential of the past solar eclipse: which is so enriching for total goal development. The late evening may find some people in highly emotional states, especially if anger or a grievance has not been adequately expressed.

Avoid tantrums, either one that erupts out of you or stumbling on to someone else’s. If you find yourself in an argument, remember that the quickest antidote is Love, Understanding, a hug if appropriate, or some soothing nutrition.

It is useful to notice how the moon’s journey through the signs affects you personally.

Have you noticed anything in particular these days when the Moon is in Cancer?

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