8/21/2010 The Capricorn moon encourages finishing up tasks and getting work done. This is also a great day for a networking event for business or a political gathering for a cause.

You might feel particularly inspired or hear a new idea that captures your interest. It’s a good time to mine for gold, but hold off starting any new enterprise, if possible.

Use the judicious Capricorn moon energy to weigh your options and consider all possibilities. The moon is VOC* from 9:08 pm to 9:37 pm ET. Once it enters Aquarius, you may feel like really partying (not simply networking) or entering more social networking.

*Moon VOC/Void-of-Course: Avoid signing contracts, investing in a big purchase or beginning new projects or important conversations. Perfect time for clearing away clutter, finishing up loose ends, meditating or following serendipity. The “mood” of the period will be colored by the sign it is in… in Capricorn, organizing and filing is like a well-oiled clock. You might also like to garden or finish up some loose ends from work.