Bjorn-BorgForecast 4/14

Mixed signals can fray nerves today, which is not the most constructive use of the energy.

If something “throws” you, keep your humor. You can’t play tennis and stay in one place. There’s a “hit the ground running” quality to this morning; a good kundalini practice can harness this nicely.

For those with different disciplines, be sure you don’t get hung up in a morning fracas on email or in the bathroom. Keep it playful and keep it moving.

A noon workout increases productivity, unless you’re hot on a project. Avoid arguments at this time, whatever you do. Steam needs to be released so find a constructive outlet. Prioritize your afternoon carefully or you may find yourself overwhelmed and underproductive.

Inspiration flies in the evening; be present to catch the gifts offered.

Pluto begins its long retrograde journey at 7:47 p.m. The next few months can be tremendous for therapeutic work and create stronger financial and relationship structures for those willing to dive down deep.

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