Saturn (symbolizes structure, systems, the physical world) and Pluto (what needs to be destroyed to allow rebirth) came into exact alignment in early 2020; a pandemic was one of the things astrologers anticipated. However COVID-19 hit with a force that has changed our world in unprecedented ways. Since we are on the threshold of other cyclical shifts, there’s a logic to it, but that doesn’t make it easy for any of us.

The virus is a tiny speck of matter, not even considered a life form, but it has the power to replicate wildly and wreak havoc on a biosystem.  It reminds us that we are all connected. Although even now, people reject that concept as their quarantine has left them hungry to party, explore and get back to distractions. This is the quick fix form of connections, instead of the deep knowing of the web of existence.

The idea of cherry-picking ideals does not hold the whole. People are quick to point to Sweden as a model for an open approach to normal activities in spite of COVID-19, but ignore the fact that Swedes trust their government, know that if they are sick they can stay home and will receive a paycheck and medical support. Inter-connectedness is the message of a pandemic. No one is safe; everyone must support one another, but over the ages, that support has been selective. 

Our consumer society, fostered over 200 years of an “earth” economy, (symbolized by the cycles of Jupiter and Saturn) is transitioning into an “air” economy as of late 2020. It will take awhile to establish, but the products and systems that brought wealth since the Industrial Revolution must move to ideas/services and technological breakthroughs. We are leaving the economy of “stuff”. Many corporations and governmental figures hang on to the image of manufacturing as the key to financial stability, but this will go the way of dinosaurs.

In spite of our present lockdowns, quarantine and shelter in place, the other side of this may aim to ensure safe travel and a more open exchange of intellectual ideas for humankind. This won’t be an overnight process – but the potential is before us.

COVID-19 has eradicated the concept that people need more stuff to thrive. They need relationships, nature, good food and pure water – in short: they need strong immune systems. The businesses that will thrive and succeed in the coming years are ones that support imagination, communication and inspiration. Millennials and Gen Z plan futures without borders and no need for acquisition. What they do need and deserve is support for a cleaner planet, solid education and a society that cares about its people.

We are in for some spikes in late June, July and anticipate a volatile fall. This may not be just about the virus, but the public’s reaction to events. When someone projects bluster and bravado, they are afraid to feel another’s pain. This is a compassion deficit; the person is unable to relate dimensionally nor to love fully. 

Camps are dividing between who wears a mask and who does not. Instead of panic when you pass someone without a mask, send that person love. If you don’t wear a mask and pass someone who wears one, be respectful of their space. Do not be seduced into judgments of division; this is not helpful to your overall psyche.

Fill your heart with love and compassion and send it to the other person. This may at first seem impossible to do (especially if it’s a political figure who you don’t respect) but it benefits YOU to work that love muscle. 

You don’t want panic, anger and fear to reside in YOUR BODY… that takes residence when someone outside of your comfort zone triggers you.

This is a PRACTICE. Very hard to get right all the time. But practice is its own medicine. Keep your equilibrium as calm as possible. It’s important to recognize and listen to the negative emotions when they bubble up; they too are messengers. Maybe impatience and frustration is telling you that it’s time to walk in the sun. You need that vitamin D! It doesn’t mean that you throw caution to the winds, but your immune system needs more than quarantine to be strong.

The virus feeds on Fear and Denial. Those who swagger with indifference to exposure may take it home to grandma. The workforce will need to move again but when it does, can we allow people work, respect, healthcare, education and financial reward? 

The United States is at a crossroads as it approaches the return to the position of Pluto in its birth horoscope. Pluto symbolizes irrevocable transformation. When a country has its Pluto return, its government shape-shifts or totally changes. The clear divisions in the United States do not do well with mandates for what is best for everyone. There is a deep distrust of government and an aversion to being told what to do. 

When you look at the history of other world powers, the United States is an adolescent country.

The next two years are critical for the United States to decide what kind of country we want to be. 

As the Navajo nation exceeds the COVID-19 count of New York, are we ready to face the Shadow of our nation? The U.S. was forged with high ideals, yet the injustice of slavery was overlooked and the rights of tribal people usurped by the European immigrants. George Washington believed fair treaties could allow the tribes the respect they deserved. But neither he nor Jefferson could imagine a successful economy without slaves. John Adams hated slavery, but his wife Abagail’s written appeal “don’t forget the ladies” did not hold enough clout for women in the documents. These realities troubled the founders, but they actually believed that the “living documents” they drafted would evolve over time through a more enlightened society. That hasn’t gone so well.

Today the Navajo nation lacks running water for all its residents, which makes protocol for clean hands a challenge. Ahmaud Arbery was shot while running and Breonna Taylor shot in her own home, both innocent, unarmed people — just as the virus captured more attention on the news. We are at a crossroads. What kind of nation will the United States become?

The virus will be here as long as we need for its message to be received. This doesn’t mean everyone on the planet has to get the message, but we can hope to reach the tipping point of comprehension. Which is what, exactly?  The obliteration of our separate camps of perceived safety, which exist across the spectrum. From the naysayers who claim the virus is a hoax to the scientists intent on chemical solutions to holistic champions who preach that a good immune system is the best defense. 

The camps need to integrate and share survival skills or no one wins. At best we can start to soften the borders by working the love muscle. At the very least, you will feel better each time you send out love… and that feels good to everyone around you.


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