trumpTrump Won— Now What?

Donald J. Trump has won the post of the 45th President of the U.S.A.

As I’ve written before, much as he loves to win, it is unlikely that he will relish the job of POTUS with its 4-year commitment.

I imagine that as the game becomes the reality of that sealed room in the White House where the military informs him, his discomfort increases.

The planet Saturn by transit indicates he will have an extremely limited holiday season. Tonight there was a protest of thousands outside his home in Trump Tower, NYC. It is unlikely the residents will appreciate the ongoing protests and disturbances that his initial term invites.

2017 is a difficult year for Mr. Trump; I will write more about this. He has created something not entirely of his own making, which happened to him in the late ’80s when some of his ventures went belly-up. Hold tight!  For more about DJT’s challenging transits, here’s my earlier post.

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