Turn the Ship Around

The Pisces Moon indicates that the ability to birth concepts into reality is available.

The more clear you are on what you want to create, the more apt it is to occur. If you’re not clear, look to yesterday’s post for methods to sharpen your inner landscape.

If you are haunted by a vision of what you DON’T want, then this is a great time to turn that ship around. It does no good to banish the negative thoughts without exploring why they popped up in the first place.

The amygdala (reptilian brain) instinctually presents flight or fight ideas for basic survival. Since we do not have to be sensitive that a lion might be crouching behind a bush, the amygdala gets triggered when other seemingly dangerous situations crop up.

Often times we have to re-train ourselves to not see danger. We can’t do that however, unless we have the self-awareness to know what triggers the panic.

Sometimes it’s obvious, like math-block or anxiety in public speaking. What’s harder to harness is something subtle — like negative beliefs in the ability to create wealth or a good relationship.

This can take a deep dive to find the key to the treasure chest of self-knowledge. It is worth the journey and this is an auspicious day to be your own best friend.

Even if the revelation comes through the support of another, you never have the revelation until you are ready to embrace it.

For a link to how to make the negative a positive, from my friend Rose 
Even if you haven’t made the switch total — act as though you have and see how the play unfolds.