IMG_1110Forecast 3/9

The Moon is void-of-course/voc* until 9:10 a.m.

At that point, the moon enters the sign of Scorpio to encourage research and passionate focus. Be sure you go over any correspondence several times.

To listen well is as important as how you convey a thought. Conversations may emphasize intrigue and/or news scandals and horrors.

Verify any disclosures carefully. Do not presume; keep digging until you get to the heart of a matter. It is worth the patience and sensitivity required to unearth the truth. Then turn it many times to be certain you comprehend it. You may have to sit with it or sleep on it; gentle tenacity is advised. Under the frost is the warm heart of the earth.

At the end of the day curl up with a mystery, if that is your pleasure. This can also be an evening of romance with the right partner.

*Moon VOC/Void-of-Course… in Libra, enjoy a museum, music, dance. It may be lovely to be with someone you love as long as you don’t initiate any major discussions.