Uranus in Taurus — Everything Must Change

Uranus in Aries brought us tumult, upset, shock, aggression, surprise attack, total upset, with everyday a new turn. Uranus entered Taurus on May 15, 2018 but then slipped back into Aries on the day of the U.S. midterm elections, November 6. Uranus in Aries ran from 2011 and took us out of 2018.

When Uranus was about to move into Taurus for the first time, the natives of Hawaii adapted as best they could to volcanic eruptions. They referred to the goddess Pele, while newcomers looked to  FEMA. With Uranus in Taurus, we encounter the “reality” of the change. Move to Paradise, you’re going to deal with physical parameters, whatever they may be. Aries is a fire sign, raw, vibrant and pulsing. Taurus is an earth sign, steady, constant and intractable. Everything that seems so chaotic, free-wheeling and inconstant falls to Earth when Uranus goes into Taurus.

One aspect of this may well be an acceptance that there is no way to impose human will on the Earth – but that may be wishful thinking. We can certainly anticipate more of the “new normal” as to what living in certain areas of the world means with weather and natural phenomena.

What else can we expect? For an individual, it depends on your horoscope – where is Taurus in your natal horoscope? I will present possibilities based on your Sun or Rising Sign.

Uranus is called the “Great Awakener”. This is not a gentle “wake up sweetheart” but the cold water tossed on someone during sleep.

As I write this, I’m dog-sitting a puppy who whimpered every couple of hours in the night, missing mama. So dreams were more captured than usual as I surfaced periodically with her demands for attention.

Uranus by transit brings our attention to something. For an individual it may be fleeting, cataclysmic or a spontaneous step taken that alters the course of your life.

The myth of Uranus the capricious sky god, comes from the ancient Greeks. Gaia, the Earth mother hungered for a companion as she spun alone in space. Out of her longing came Uranus; the sky god wrapped around her, bound by gravity.

Since Uranus mated with Gaia in endless copulations, she could not birth her children. Trapped within their mother, Gaia’s children plotted the overthrow of their father.

Their children were Titans, led by Cronos/Saturn. Gaia fashioned a scythe out of diamonds for her son to use against Uranus. She advised that when he freed her, he overthrow his father in a methodical and thorough manner. But Cronos/Saturn succumbed to celebration (his brief foray) and waved his trophy for all to see.

Since Saturn had castrated his father, he unleashed Uranus’ seeds into the receptive ocean. Aphrodite (Venus to the Romans) rose from the waves of Gaia, unbound to fill the Earth with her beauty and love.

The birth of Venus out of chaos is significant to recall as we face a Uranus transit. It’s a reminder that something of great value can come from the upset, if we are receptive to the change.This has particular impact with Uranus in Taurus, since Taurus is a sign linked to Venus.

The sign of Taurus emphasizes the tactile experience of life – what we can smell, taste, touch and see. Comfort, shelter, food. Money. Taurus concerns are our values, which can be shallow or all about survival. As expendable money has become less available for the middle class in the U.S., we experience a value shift.

Regardless of income, we can expect the consumption of a continual stream of new goods to diminish. The enchantment of new stuff gets replaced by the value of possessions that last. Lawns get replaced by gardens as more people want to grow their own food.

 Let’s look at history for clues as to what Uranus in Taurus may mean. The last run was 1934 through 1942. These years followed the Wall Street Crash. The economics which led to the Crash created the Great Depression – and the global effects led to WWII, fluctuating currencies, rations, bartering and a Black Market.

Another significant act was U.S. Social Security instated in 1935. Uranus in Taurus = economic changes. We can expect a revisit to this program as well as new financial systems.

Another question of values was that of human life, as the U.S. hesitated entry into the war and sent back ships of Jews fleeing death and persecution.

Prior to that, Uranus was in Taurus from 1850 through 1859. Similar themes were experienced. The Gold Rush began and native people continued to be pushed aside. This period laid the ground for the U.S. Civil War, 1861-1865.

The economics of slavery affected not only the United States but global relations. France depended on cotton and supported the South, only to be thwarted by Mexico, who sided with the Union. Not only did this period lead to economic divisions within the U.S., but exacerbated the heavy toll of a legacy of slavery.

To put a price tag on a human being as commodity should be against the values of any person. Through the prison system and endemic bias, this division still threatens the United States.

Going back further still 1767 – 1775; the build up and onset of the American Revolution. Taxation without representation. An empire struggling to hold on to its perceived land possessions. Landowners encroaching on space the native people viewed as sacred.

So as Uranus travels through Taurus in 2018 through 2026, we can expect how we do finance to change. Bitcoin, cyber-money and bartering or good/services exchange. Value of lives: within the U.S. prison system, cost of the elderly kept alive by drugs in an unconscious existence, who is the “good guy” and why?

Uranus in Taurus has been a harbinger of war as nations define what is valued. As opposing voices clash in the United States and other countries, how will this fire solidify and take shape? Are we on the precipice of another Great War or can we create a new kind of revolution?

As retirees move to Appalachia, the demographics of historic Red States start to change. The Wall Street Journal reports that those who moved to FL are heading northwards, in a trend known as “halfbacks”. Dissatified with FL yet not wanting to return to the NE, they settle in GA, NC and TN.

Young people inspired by the Parkland survivors confront politicians with value of their lives in contrast to the value of the gun lobby. These new conversations and confrontations point the way to the new revolution.

As to how Uranus in Taurus affects your sign, look to the “let’s get personal” post.