Uranus travels in Taurus from 5/5/2018 thru 4/26/2026

Let’s get personal; what does it mean for your sign? Read both the forecast for your Sun sign and Rising Sign/Ascendant. The accuracy of these forecasts depend on your time of birth — but can be helpful as guidelines. Contact your favorite astrologer for a more dimensional understanding.

ARIES Have you wanted to overhaul your finances? Expect change in how money comes into your pocket. This can indicate fluctuations and surprises in personal income. Do not panic! Some people deal with this all their lives, for you it’s a transit, albeit a long one.

The lesson here Is to navigate the ebb and flow of variable income. You may also find yourself confronted with conversations or challenges that have to do with what you value. This period is not just about material possessions or finances, but morals and personal truths. You may find they almost erupt out of you, because we don’t always know our allegiances until they get triggered. Some you may want to declare and others you may decide go counter to what you aspire to value.

You also may decide to pay more attention to your physical well-being; do you treat your body as the valuable possession it is? The next several years is about experimentation. You may spin through a personal evolution; a classic take on this is when a child grows into adulthood and confronts the difference between what they were taught to value and what springs unbridled within.

TAURUS By nature, a typical Taurus is not comfortable with change. You come to a party, find a chair and stay in it – the closer to the refreshments and a great view, the better. Yet Change is now upon you. So you might move through the room a bit more, perhaps two or three locations throughout the event. It’s much less painful when we invite Change, rather than have it grab you. We can’t always anticipate what Change will do, but our acceptance of its inevitability makes the ride easier. A makeover of some kind is in order; what can you adjust to show the world you are in flux? As an example, if a Taurus always wear earth tones, get a turquoise scarf to change the look.

With this transit which takes years, how you project yourself shape shifts. It may be fashion, presentation or expression. You may find yourself singled out in situations when your instinct is to recede. This is particularly jarring if you are unused to creating “disruptions” or stand out. There are times when we must come forward. You may step up to be an advocate for a cause or for someone who needs a champion.

If you’ve contemplated a move, an exploration or a stretch, these are the years that you will take leaps. If you’ve never entertained any such thought, fasten your seatbelt. Even if the terrain is unfamiliar, focus more on the moment than fear. This is your time to soar.

GEMINI Your neighborhood widens with this transit. Geminis are always good at knowing “what’s new” and keep current with those around them. Over the next few years, you will anticipate trends before they are expressed or events before they happen.

If you are in a business that benefits from this prescience, good for you. Or you may want to keep a lid on things that seem to erupt into your consciousness. Any tendency to suppress may not be in your control or to your benefit. If the revelations are personal rather than inspirational, a therapeutic journey can support the process. Sometimes this transit occurs as an artist or healer “wakes up” to the call of unique expression.

A Gemini’s haunts can encompass a small town, a city or the wide world, depending on the radius for the Gemini’s routine checkpoints. With this Uranus transit, habits turn on their head for the Gemini. You may not even know why you suddenly take off in a new direction. Embrace the unpredictability and know you have the best tools to cope: curiosity, flexibility and humor. Messages come through quicker than you can articulate; action or unbridled writing reveals the new perspective.

CANCER Friendship and community are up for change. New friends appear as you express a commitment. Although your habit may be to stick with one group, your need to explore new avenues of expression allows more experimentation. There may be several different groups in which you find yourself active over the next few years.

You may throw yourself into social action or a cause. If something you value is threatened or needs a voice, your response is immediate. Share what you care about: this can also be a time of creative expression within community: gardening, building, food cooperation.

Shoot for a big wish; it can surprise those around you because they’d no idea that it was meaningful to you. Desire overtakes hesitation and you can propel a dream forward in exponential steps.

LEO Are you ready for change in career? Decide what you want for those changes and then be prepared to welcome them. Uranus tends to surprise or upset, which is why the more conscious we are of what is coming, the more graceful the navigation. You can take pride in your achievements, especially those of recognizable value.

During this period, if you are In a job that ends, transitions or moves, it’s easier when if feels as though you are in some way a catalyst of that. If you are reading this and determine there is NO way your job will end or change – then you may experience another kind of shift. It may be a new software system comes in or a different strategy due to financial fluctuations. This can indicate a new boss or orientation that causes friction or constant stimulation. Perhaps you suddenly are running a department, or working independently.

Whatever the course, the transition encourages you to break the mold in some way, go rogue or fly without a net. Find your inner maverick.

VIRGO You might begin to travel to unexpected destinations; this can be work-related or because of responsibilities. Sometimes a person is hit with a dose of wanderlust, and prioritizes new vistas. Or a beloved is at a distance, so you pick up and meet them whenever your schedule allows.

Another theme for the next several years may involve litigation of some kind. This can come out of nowhere, and take many tangents. Just when you think something is settled, a new idea pops up, which can unravel everything determined up until that point.

Another preoccupation at this time may be going back to school or deepening studies. The more time you spend with any of these themes, the more likely they lead you to revelations. The most important piece to remember regardless of the journey is that somehow it affects your personal road to freedom.

LIBRA Money comes in from unexpected sources — dividends, investments, inheritance. If you’ve been trolling for a venture capitalist, candidates pop up and may as suddenly disappear; choose wisely. You may also encounter some occult experiences; messages from the other side or psychic hits.

This is also an excellent time for you to put a little extra into an investment that you value. It can be real estate, a business venture or commodity. Whatever the investment, it must be something that aligns with what matters to you. That’s the intangible piece of the commitment that provides the juice.

Keep within a comfortable budget, because in the end the windfall may come from a direction other than your investment. Don’t gamble, but do listen to prompts. As a Libra, it may take you a long time to decide, but don’t worry. You don’t have to put in anything new to see a return, it just appears.

SCORPIO Get ready to meet some highly unusual people; if you are single, potential candidates will keep you stimulated. This may not be the time to make a long-term commitment, unless you seek a mate who is highly independent and unpredictable.

Since this profile is a bit different than the stereotypical Scorpio need, know yourself. This transit of Uranus takes you through experimentation in relationship. The internet is part of this new world, either through social networks, dating or search engines. Keep in mind that this Uranus transit shakes up your comfort zone in partnership, but not all offerings are worth your time. Your Scorpionic skepticism keeps it real.

On the other hand, you might fall into the perfect business relationship, where you each complement the other. If you seek an accountant, lawyer or other professional, they may roll differently than what you are used to, which can be totally appropriate for this period.

If you are in a relationship, your partner may require more freedom or need to go their own way for work or peace of mind. This doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker, because you too might need a break. It depends on what benefits you both. You are wide-open and full-throttle right now, so time apart or in a new way may be absolutely a fit for you both.

SAGITTARIUS A new health routine is of great benefit to you; your body is hungry for movement and can adapt in positive ways. You may have operated on whatever captured your interest in the past, and if proper maintenance of the beautiful body machine was not high on the list, now it is.

New technology may be part of the implementation of the new routine. This can be a new “part” for a body that’s aging or injured. You might also land on a supplement that enhances or a diet that supports you better. In spite of daredevil moments, lack of moderation or indifference to care, your body has outstanding recuperative powers. The next several years can take you on a journey of dynamic physical changes, either because you choose to make that happen or you are told you must.

Another theme for this period is your work routine. You might freelance. There may be ongoing shifts in co-worker staff. If you are the employer, expect more turnover. Or this may affect your work environment — the office undergoes a makeover, move or physical overhaul. The overall message is your daily routine undergoes shifts of your own making and/or your environment. See this as a journey to delight your Sagittarian sense of adventure.

CAPRICORN Change is not your favorite word. When change is afoot, you like to be in charge and the conductor of its movement. The big lesson here is that the only person you can really change is yourself, and you are up to the task.

Creativity is your outlet over the next several years; you may pick up an old hobby or start a new one. If you are in the arts or creative professions, expect dynamic production. However the odds are that what you produce is not what people expect. Since it won’t be possible for you to fit in the old box, wear your new expression with the mantle of a master. Your authority might win over those who are attached to the old ways. If not, you will soon attract those who get this new expression.

Another avenue that you may explore is romance; if you are in a relationship, it requires fresh breath. If you’re not in a relationship, get ready for some action. Even if you aren’t looking and especially if it’s not where you usually look. There’s a tendency to take risks at this time, so use that good Capricornian sense and make them calculated risks. If you have children, there can be some unexpected activity from them: moves, births, break-ups or breakthroughs.

AQUARIUS You are moving. Not necessarily this year, but it’s coming. If this is on your radar, start to draft out the dream; emphasize the comfort factor and landscape you love.

If you’re rooted to one spot, changes occur to your home. Remodeling, extension, green energy, solar roof — somebody moves in or somebody moves out; it’s never exactly what you signed up for, but the best course is to go with it. See it as a divine plan and this helps you get through it.

You’re an Aquarius; supposedly you LOVE change! But I know your secret — you are an agent of change.

Your favorite changes are the ones that you’ve planned. Those changes surprise everyone around you but not you. The changes with Uranus in Taurus are different because there is only so much that you can plan. That being said, it’s still worth taking on the change.

Change is coming to your home, your family structure and even to your mother. If mom loves change, then watch her fly. If she isn’t good with change, then the more you can set her up for it, the easier the process.

PISCES Your neighborhood may be changing. This can mean gentrification or the reverse if you are in the midst of fluctuations in real estate.  Or you may witness actual physical changes of the earth, although not necessarily as dramatic as a disaster. How your community responds to these changes affects your comfort and investment with them. This can benefit the overall value of your environment or crystallize for you what your neighbors’ care about.

Sometimes this indicates an actual neighbor or sibling who creates change or unexpected events. This may be positive or negative but it does suggest that it’s best to be prepared and flexible. The most important piece regardless of how this transit manifests it to be open to new ways of communicating. Listen well, consider what you say before you say it and make sure whatever you expressed is delivered as you intended.

Your commute may undergo shifts, as mass transit overhauls occur or schedules change. Develop a sense of humor when faced with a Detour sign. Keep your car current with its upkeep.

This is a highly dynamic period for writers or those who aspire to be. Let your thoughts tumble out without censor; then hone them to create impact.

For the general forecast of what to expect with Uranus in Taurus…