IMG_4983Forecast 12/15  

We are still in the heart of the Uranus/Pluto square, the stand-out configuration in the sky that has symbolized so many upheavals and transformations.

If you think you live in a profound time, you are correct; the last time this picture occurred was during the build up of WWII. Actually, the energetic symbolism was different then because it was the end thrust of a cycle; not dissimilar to the waning quarter moon before it goes dark.

You see, planets move in orbits like the Moon from our perspective. They line up, like a New Moon. They then make a 90° angle to one another (quarter moon, waxing). Then they oppose one another (Full Moon configuration) and go to one more 90° angle (quarter moon, waning) to finally start all over again.

Uranus and Pluto have slow orbits in relation to Earth. As a result, they symbolize situations that take place over time and have long-range impact. This time we are in the gathering momentum period of what took root in the mid 1960s, when Uranus and Pluto were in alignment in the sky. The planet of revolution joined the planet of irrevocable transformation and endings. Uranus wants immediate action, Pluto delves deep to get to the core. Whatever began in the 1960s is undergoing an upheaval. If you were born at that time, you may well be having the transitions of your life.

Since 2008, we can see major powers and players claiming conquests. What is radically different from the past is grassroots gathering through the digital world. This is a fragile society dependent on the very electronic connections that are maintained by vast corporate and government structures. Nonetheless, there is no question that one person can and has changed the world. Do not let the false god of “reality” tell you otherwise. Every life matters.

Uranus squares Pluto at 12:14 am ET. This is the second to last time of the exact geometric picture, ending March 2015.

That doesn’t mean our wild ride is over this spring, but it does indicate that the buildup then spreads to a reckoning. Since we’re looking to a better world not another devastating war, use this time for prayer work and inner clarity.

You may wake from a dream, or if you’re awake past midnight, a revelation or question may erupt- especially if you have cardinal planets in your birth horoscope. Regardless, make today a prayer; live with intention.

Be aware of any conflict that may present itself and deal with it with Grace; do not take things personally.

The Libra Moon encourages negotiation and compromise, although it is not necessarily easy at this time. On the other hand, when you know what the issues are, your ability to gain objectivity is greater than when there’s simply a gnawing sense that something isn’t right.

Make time to meditate in the morning, even if it’s only to linger over your breakfast and let your mind drift. Be aware that people are not 100% present this morning, which tends to lead to confusion.

Whatever discomfort you may find yourself in the late morning, do your best to gain perspective. There is a way to balance seemingly opposite interests; complete sacrifice is not the best course.

Energy increases after noon and the ability to move gains momentum. Enjoy the path while its clear and find a partner for down time this evening; the right companion magnifies pleasures.