2/14/2011 You may feel a bit scattered in the morning and have difficulty prioritizing. Valentine’s Day has a Venus/Pluto picture in the sky which may indicate a heavy emotional load.

Barefoot in the Park

Even happy couples may feel some discord or a power struggle. Awareness is 90% of turning around a possible top-heavy situation. Remind yourself of the important things: to love and be loved. If you’re not feeling it in your life, you have to start with the source: your love for you. Read some inspirational material if you get stuck, like Louise Hay or Eckhart Tolle.

If you are at odds with your beloved, ask yourself why? Is s/he stopping you from doing something or demanding more than you can give? Are you feeling a low-grade resentment or a full-blown anger?

If your partner is not reflecting back the way you would like to be treated, it may be time to talk. If talking seems prohibitive, then it may be time to walk. Only a relationship of mutual respect will glide through this Valentine’s Day without a ruffle.