In the Shadow of Venus Retrograde 2018

We are in the shadow of the upcoming Venus Retrograde; this means that Venus will backtrack over her present path in the next couple of months. Venus is the planet named after the goddess of love and beauty.

Like all the planets, she symbolizes more than just a couple of key words. Venus = what we value, think we deserve and how and what we attract in areas of wealth, abundance, love and relationships.

To understand your Venus vibration best, tap into what matters to you most – not just the material, but your moral compass. When retrograde, Venus rakes over this part of our lives. For some of us it validates and reassures. For others, it can be a reckoning.

With Venus presently in the sign of Scorpio, expect a deep dive — ready or not.

During this shadow period, we are on the eve of the Blasey Ford hearing. After she revealed her identity to the news outlets September 16, many women have experienced anxiety and confronted past memories.

As some rejected her story as conjecture, many have resonated with it. Like a homeopathic cure, Blasey Ford’s testimony has triggered healing, anger and revelation within women who identify with the shame, secrets and the burden of sexual violation.

Venus is not yet retrograde – that occurs on October 6. It will be retrograde until November 16 when it stations direct; it will slip back into Libra the beginning of that month,

Last week when Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Grassley tried to pressure Blasey Ford into a 9/24 hearing, it seemed unlikely. The Moon was void of course both 9/24 and 9/26 (the second date he wanted).

Blasey Ford held out for the 9/27 date, which suggests she has astrological guidance or she’s developed an instinct for good days.

Nonetheless, the September 27 hearing will not bring instant resolution. Venus rises in the chart, opposes the Taurus Moon and squares the Aquarius Mars. Mars is conjunct the South Node, symbolizing the past. This suggests rote language from the status quo.

Eruptions can be anticipated; Uranus is in Taurus with the Moon. As the day progresses, expect upsets. This may happen within the hearing, but certainly out in the world as the public mood reacts.

The Venus/Moon on the horizon line of the horoscope supports the wave to value women. 1600 men took out an ad in the Times to say just that.

I see this revelation has challenged Kavanaugh in ways that have begun to change him. His Cancer Moon indicates he needs the women in his life: mother, wife and daughters. He is in a mental crisis in a very public view, so he has not been truthful with himself.

As Neptune, the planet that symbolizes spiritual ideals as well as delusion moves towards Kavanaugh’s Chiron, it presses on the bruise of his past wounds. He has not admitted this, but he knows he drank too much as a young man.

His continued denial of the possibility he might not remember an event sets dangerous karma for young people. His denial perpetuates a violent culture.

What happens to Christine Blasey Ford and to Brett Kavanaugh through this process affects more people than just them. In her prepared testimony, Blasey Ford has written “I am here today not because I want to be. I am terrified.”

But the asteroid Pallas Athena is engaged with her Sagittarius Venus as though to say “feel the fear and let’s do this!” She is not the one who will look scared and evasive at the hearings.

If Kavanaugh was more transparent and reflective, he could have turned this around. He missed that chance. As a result, his transits will be lonely, overwhelming and alienating.

This is a time for heroism, to battle the dragon. When someone attempts to avoid it, the dragon will devour them.

The best thing for Kavanaugh would be to walk away from this Supreme Court position. He has difficult transits ahead and it would be in his best interest to focus on his family and let the healing begin. But pride and privilege seem to have overtaken him. This is not heroism.

As we lean toward Venus Retrograde, what do we value? Are we willing to put ourselves in terrifying positions to espouse those values? If not, why not? Oftentimes the hardest hurdle is admitting something to ourself. Can we stretch to re-imagine Venus?

On October 26 when Venus is conjunct the Sun at 3°Scorpio, the push for continued revelations increase. This may not be anything within the public eye, but more a process for those affected by this hearing.

 Venus Retrograde and what to expect….