Venus in Aries & Moon in Taurus

Venus, the planet that symbolizes the goddess of love, beauty and abundance has moved into the sign of Aries.

Aries is the sign linked to Mars, the god of war and desire. Venus in Aries is hot, spontaneous and assertive.

The hot water kettle broke in my house and I took out a saucepan for my tea. As I set about the task, I realized it was Friday and if I ordered a new pot it wouldn’t arrive until Monday.

I put the saucepan back in the cupboard. I would have to make a trip to a store, because I couldn’t picture my husband navigating the weekend with a saucepan for his coffee.

Habitual morning rituals should not be disturbed when someone is a certain age. With the Taurus Moon, the comforts of home and food magnify. I headed out to the big box store.

I am not a fan of the big store with its illusion of choice; its shelves are stuffed but not necessarily with what you want or need. Nonetheless, I did find a rather nice glass pot.

I made my way to the cashier through the barriers of displays. Finally on line, a woman with a full cart clucked her impatience. Suddenly with an “excuse me!” she pushed her way past me to the cashier just opening up.

The etiquette of course, is for the register to open up and then the salesperson get the next person on line.

After about a minute, a gentlemen with a headset came up to me and asked if I wanted to check out. As I followed him to his register, I thanked him for escorting me. I appreciated his service.

I told him about the other shopper who had jumped ahead of me. We both shook our heads. I had one item and the other shopper was still checking out dozens of objects in her cart.

“People are just out for themselves”, he said sadly. “Especially now”. I agreed with him. Somehow we began talking in code, about how divided people were and how the media rhetoric increased that.

He tilted his head in the direction of his co-workers. “Yes, now he won’t talk to me – or her”.

I was stunned. Saddened. This man was telling me that his work environment had changed because of the political climate. I became more conscious of his accent. I simply had been buying a kettle. I hadn’t even considered his Jamaican accent before this.

I said – “they want to divide us, that’s how they conquer us”. He smiled at me surprised. “You are right”, he said.

“They forget”, I told him. “We forget our history.”

“Things had to change. It can’t stay like this”, we agreed. “It will get better. There is hope”.

I shook his hand. I told him that I believed what he believed.

Our eyes met – and I thought “have I ever talked so deeply to someone in such a brief exchange?”

Venus in Aries. Direct and to the heart.