Venus, mirror cropVenus goes Retrograde on July 25 at 5:29 a.m. The retrograde cycle ideally deepens your understanding of what you value. Depending on your entire horoscope, those with strong Libra or Taurus may be particularly affected by the retrograde.

Venus goes retrograde in the sign of Virgo; she then retraces her steps into Leo, so there may be a sense of: “does my work fulfill my creative aspirations?” Or, “is a significant relationship a routine and not a sustainable romance?” If your job does not stimulate individual creativity, then you might find it through volunteerism or an avocation. If a friendship or romance is a habit and not a catalyst for growth, you might rekindle the fire or reevaluate why you spend time with someone.

If you haven’t carved time for a routine with something you love, it might be time to consider the local choir, therapy pet group or poetry slam. The retrograde is not usually the ideal time to sign up, but it is a good time to weigh your options and plan how you’ll find the time.

If you lack love and support in your life, consider how you’ve structured it. There’s always a window to connect with Love and it often comes from within. Do you love yourself?

A good test is to meet your eyes in the mirror, smile and say, “I love you!”

If this feels awkward, uncomfortable or weird, make it a morning ritual until it’s a graceful habit. This is not narcissism; it’s recognizing the spark of Life.

Keep in mind that some people are born with Venus Retrograde, and for them this cycle has a familiarity. They can thrive in situations that may cause others to falter.

With Venus Retrograde, although you may rethink a makeover or design, this is not the time to put the ideas into action. However, do purchase antiques or real estate, if you really know the value. Don’t be seduced by a supposed deal or the beauty of something; otherwise it is the seller who wins.

Be skeptical of anything that is not your usual “cup of tea” because the odds are this attachment is temporary. In general, large purchases are advised against, unless you have expert knowledge of the true worth. Venus retrograde is very helpful in evaluating relationships. Old friends or lovers may resurface, which can be as fleeting as the retrograde; it all depends on the ultimate depth of the relationship.

Relationships, especially with women may be measured or new insight appears. A serious tone can intensify or demolish a relationship; so expect a deepening of some and a deleting of others. People do get married with Venus Retrograde, but you would want to choose a good day. It is also common for an old lover or friend to re-surface, so you may be in for a Facebook surprise. Taking that into account, you may also want to glance in the mirror before you run out for that quart of milk.

Venus is the planet associated with love, money, fashion, taste and wealth. Venus retrograde is not considered a good time for a new look, cosmetic surgery or home design changes. There may be less of a focus on aesthetics, so this would not be a time to present new designs to a client or introduce a new artist to the public. Tradition advises to delay opening a business at this time, although your personal horoscope is always the deciding factor on how deeply any retrograde affects you. If you are planning a big purchase or investment, remember the “re” in any retrograde…. research, re-evaluate and review.

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