An intentional flip for retrograde

About every 19 months, the planet Venus goes retrograde. Mars goes retrograde every two years.

In 2020, both Venus and Mars are retrograde, which emphasizes “reevaluation” needs in the area of life symbolized by each planet. More about Mars in coming posts, Venus is up first.

The symbolism of Venus Retrograde asks to re-consider relationships, investments, the values one holds and self-worth. What we consider beautiful may be scrutinized and aesthetic decisions are questionable. Past relationships can resurface, as can memories ripe for re-evaluation. Creativity can be deep; it depends on your personal horoscope.

Venus goes retrograde on May 13 at 2:45 AM ET at 21° Gemini 50”. She then rakes back over her path until June 25, when at 5° Gemini 20”, she appears to stop and proceed forward once more. 

Although there are exceptions, in general Venus Retrograde is not considered a good time to start most businesses nor to marry.

Of course, in this period of COVID-19, launches and celebrations have been on hold.

To add weight to the experience on May 11 Saturn turned retrograde at 12:09 AM ET at 01° Aquarius 57”. Saturn symbolizes structure, responsibility, commitment, discipline, limitations, authority and fear. It is significant that pandemic guidelines encounter growing resistance, especially in the U.S., as Saturn goes retrograde.

Saturn Retrograde is a time to strengthen commitments and define one’s inner authority. Saturn is at present in early degree of Aquarius, which is about our responsibility to the community. 

As Saturn appears to move backwards then travel through Capricorn for one last pass, we are at a crossroads of allegiance to old frames and pathways to new paradigms. In traditional astrology, both Capricorn and Aquarius are natural signs for Saturn. There are several planets that are connected with more than one sign, but Saturn is the only one with signs right next to one another on the zodiacal wheel.

What is significant about this is that the signs adjacent to one another are the most disparate — they have nothing in common. Capricorn an earth sign, focuses on material, tactile and tangible results. It is a cardinal sign, one that begins a season, so it thrives on initiation. It is the sign of practical manifestation and the status quo.

Aquarius is an air sign; its realm is concepts, innovation and communication. A fixed sign, it sustains a season and follows through. It is the sign of expansive ideas and individual expression. 

In 2020 Saturn must revisit its expression in Capricorn, to return on July 1. As it makes this last pass through Capricorn, the impact may be subtle or concrete for you, depending on your personal horoscope. This pivotal time is indicated in the U.S. horoscope.

Although Saturn has a 28-29 year orbit, its passage over the U.S. Pluto is significant this year because it is priming the pump for the country’s Pluto Return in 2022. So this Saturn Retrograde may have another layer for you if the U.S. is a country in which you live or are affected by. 

The fact that a country exists is a Saturn construct: it has borders, government, structures of authority. A country like the U.S., who Lincoln thought was designed to be “of, by and for the people” is up for deconstruction with its Pluto Return.

As Saturn passes over the U.S. natal Pluto one last time through autumn 2020, its citizens would do well to claim their personal authority. Some people react by denying science and want to break free of perceived restrictions. This may feel like a claim of personal authority, but it denies the impact of one’s actions on another. One of the lessons in the mythology of Saturn is that you cannot claim authority, set boundaries, enforce rules without responsibility and commitment to those affected by your actions. In mythology, Saturn was so afraid that one of his children would usurp his throne that he devoured them at birth.

Suppression of fears and denial are a recipe for an inevitable fall — in the case of Saturn, his wife handed him a stone wrapped in a blanket and he ate it whole. The day came when that child grew to be his worst nightmare and Saturn was sent packing.

So the U.S. must determine in the next several years whether it runs on fear and denial or is ready to mature as a nation. The “rugged individualist” is a myth that is in direct contrast to functional and sustainable community. What kind of country does the U.S want to be?

Most people contract the virus through exposure in the home, which means somehow it got there through someone else.  To resist or deny this scientific fact is denial and suppressed fear. The same denial occurs when someone says they are in God’s hands. It is the rejection of personal responsibility to the outcome of one’s actions.

Saturn transits don’t work out well when we avoid accountability. It’s important to note that on February 24, 2020 when Saturn first was conjunct the U.S. Pluto, WHO announced that COVID-19 would not reach pandemic proportion IF certain guidelines were implemented.

On February 25, The Washington Post reported that President Trump said: “You may ask about the coronavirus, which is very well under control in our country.” 

The leader of any country is indicated by the 10th house in its horoscope. In the case of the U.S, the transit of Saturn gains significance because it’s in the U.S. natal 10th. Where Saturn is by transit, tells us something about the US President’s focus at that time.

As Saturn tracks through the 2nd house of the U.S., it indicates a potentially lean time for its fiscal well-being. President Trump has always emphasized the economy and Wall Street. A Saturn transit demands clear-eyed decisions and long-term goals. Of primary importance is for the leaders of the U.S. to mandate fiscal responsibility, lower debt and choose strategic alliances that support the goals of the country. 

This is particularly challenged due to the pandemic, but the leader’s emphasis can be on aid and programs that provide foundations to implement structures for long-term growth. Short-sighted actions fall flat.

On May 14, Jupiter goes retrograde in Capricorn. Jupiter is the planet considered the bearer of good fortune, so it’s retrograde journey is often seen as taking the wind out of the sails. Not a time to launch a brand or business, especially with Venus retrograde. What’s curious is that it goes retrograde within minutes of hitting the U.S. Pluto. It will be at that exact point in December 2020. That will be another post. Whatever Jupiter comes into contact with gets bigger.

Jupiter and Saturn Retrograde in the 2nd house of the U.S. horoscope does not bode well for the economy in the short-term. However, with careful strategies in place supported by expertise and research, there is potential. Strong alliances and sharing knowledge and resources with other countries is essential for eventual growth.

Since the U.S.A. 10th house has a Libra midheaven,  the orbit of Venus is to be considered, especially during a retrograde. The retrograde means that Venus will spend 4 months in Gemini. The U.S. Mars is at 21° Gemini, and may indicate a softening of angry rhetoric. However, Venus can be a capricious goddess, so sometimes the combination is calculated or even vindictive. Mars symbolizes action and desire; in a country’s chart it is about its military might and how it asserts itself. The U.S. Mars in the 7th house indicates a confrontational style with enemies and an assertive posture with allies. As Venus passes through this area, at the very least, conversations and diplomatic discourse may increase as a reevaluation of how to connect with allies occurs.

It must be noted that President Trump is a Gemini; Venus goes retrograde right before she reaches his Sun sign. This is an opportune time for the president to work on healing his natal Venus challenges. Born with Saturn conjunct Venus, no matter what his wealth, he has never felt valued. With all his bluster, he does not have a sense of self-worth. He feels victimized and accepts no responsibility for anything other than his accomplishments. He fabricates success on actual failures, because he lacks the emotional maturity to admit mistakes. This inability to be a fully dimensional human with self-acceptance is a reflection of the deep wounds and denial of many citizens of the U.S.

As the U.S. approaches the benchmark for greater maturity as a nation, it appears to fall short. It is no accident that the man who represents the country suffers from habits of distraction, anything but face an inherent belief that he will never measure up. 

The citizens of the U.S. must ask themselves, is this who we are? There is a legacy of shoving uncomfortable realities under the rug. Reconstruction was deconstructed after Lincoln’s assassination and therefor the United States failed to make atonement for slavery. Would the U.S. with its imposing structures in Washington DC have its wealth and status if not for its initial slave economy? A shameful past that can only heal through direct acceptance and correction.

Venus Retrograde in Gemini is an opportunity to have conversations that cause discomfort but are tremendous for understanding the how the legacy of slavery and prejudice limits true equality. We have to work harder at understanding one another’s experience and to listen with respect. If we don’t the United States will continue to fracture and fall apart.

The murder of Ahmaud Arbery occurred on February 23, just as Saturn came to the U.S. Pluto. The slaughter of a young fit African American by two white men with guns is not an isolated incident.

This horrific behavior has been sanctioned for too long. It indicates the Shadow of the U.S. —  the great vision was born with the refusal to allow all men and women equality and respect. As a result, the U.S. does not stand on solid ground.

The U.S. was forged with high ideals, yet the injustice of slavery was overlooked and the rights of tribal people usurped by the European immigrants. George Washington believed fair treaties could allow the tribes the respect they deserved. But neither he nor Jefferson could imagine a successful economy without slaves. John Adams hated slavery, but his wife Abagail’s written appeal “don’t forget the ladies” did not hold enough clout for women in the documents. These realities troubled the founders, but they actually believed that the “living documents” they drafted would evolve over time through a more enlightened society. That hasn’t gone so well.

The Pluto Return is an echo to the original American Revolution and we cannot escape the inevitability of a transformation. This is already in process; we feel the stirrings of the slow-moving planets for many years before the exact alignment. When Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008, the indications of irrevocable transformation were apparent. However, those invested in the status quo dug their heals in deeper.

With Venus Retrograde in Gemini, we all need to value conversation. People may regret, reminisce, want to return to neighborhood haunts. At this time of social distancing, the retrograde reinforces the value of respectful distance. If you feel rushed in any way, respect your space and take your time. If you think this is a hoax or overblown, the retrograde still requests that you respect others wishes.

Some people might do a 180°; those who were hyper-vigilant start to relax and those who blew off the concerns, suddenly get serious.

It is beneficial to sink into past conversations and make sure everyone is heard. People bring up unfinished business. There’s an opportunity to complete in relationships. We can also determine who is a fit for going forward, and who may be passing through. Of utmost importance is to make sure that where you invest your time, money and heart is in alignment with your values. 

As Venus retrogrades, it appears certain states and countries will encourage people to restart businesses and socialize. Re-evaluate. Communicate, listen and be heard. This is not a time to force relationship (never a good idea anyway). Venus is retrograde until June 25.

She does not return to the point on which she went retrograde until July 29. Regardless of how things open up again, the retrograde suggests the majority of people will be slow to show. Nonetheless, it’s valuable to rediscover childlike play. Awaken curiosity and be in nature.

Many people think the pandemic is blown out of proportion and that they are healthy so they are comfortable with going out. The Venus Retrograde offers an opportunity to listen to others’ perspective and to allow differences. When some people run roughshod over guidelines, they prevent others from honoring the protocol.

No one’s rights to freedom should override another’s. It’s arresting that Georgia, the state where Ahmaud Arbery was killed, does not have a hate crime law. The potential for the U.S. with the Pluto Return is to dismantle systems that don’t adhere to ideals. But the citizens of the states have to define what those ideals are. 

It’s not a stretch to imagine that the great concept of the U.S. needs an overhaul. It’s one thing for people to have different points of view but unacceptable for them to have no respect or value for people who don’t think like them. 

It’s time for deep soul-searching in the U.S. and the pandemic has set the stage. Look the Shadow in the eye.

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