glow-womanVibratory Resonance

Your ability to touch someone even from a distance is greater than you may know….

Sound can carry and touch someone, but so can the energetic vibration that you direct. The more consciously transmitted, the greater the resonance.

After an initial timid reaction (or a resistant one), fields of connection can blast wide open.

Is there someone with whom you’d like to deepen or begin a “soul link”? Even if this person seems lost to you, the ability to connect transcends the physical.

You cannot force another to return but you can make peace. Perhaps you long for someone who does not seem to exist— a partner, a lover or a friend? Put it out there.

When we think that this only works through “meet-ups” or dating sites, we limit the vibratory resonance of our ability to signal. The vibratory connection is not the same as physical of course, but it can soften the edges of distance.

Experiment with social media, correspondence and visual impressions. You decide when to hit “send”.

This doesn’t have to be confined to a computer: dance, sing, play an instrument, paint, arrange some flowers, put on an attractive hat or pretty up a common area. Wear clothes that make you feel singular and alive.

If you encounter someone other than who you’d like to attract, make a simple adjustment and send them away with love.

Sometimes this requires personal inventory to determine if any sense of lack gets in your way.

A habitual way of seeing or reacting can trip up the potential of meaningful connection. If this feels familiar, it may be time to look at it without resistance. Invite a fluidity of movement.