temple-of-vesta-virgin-statuesForecast 8/25

When I spoke about Virgo at my New Moon Gathering, I reflected on Vesta, known as the goddess of the hearth. It’s true she’s one of my personal favorites (yes, she is also predominate in my horoscope). Nothing reminds me more of my childhood scouting as when a campfire leaves my hair with that “eau de smoke”.

Eleanor Bach, the NYC astrologer who was the first to really look at the astrology of the asteroids in the early ’70s, starting with the big 4: Ceres, Juno, Vesta and Pallas. Bach had a theory that Vesta and Pallas were most like Virgo.

One quality about Virgo that I have observed and truly respect, is that of bringing down to earth the fire of creativity that burns from the zodiacal shift after Leo. Virgo keeps the flame, like Vesta. If you want a flame to keep burning you have to feed it fuel. It is Virgo that attends to the details, like “is there enough gas in the tank?”

Vesta is the Olympian that keeps her distance from the squabbling and love affairs of her siblings. Vesta was the goddess who held herself apart. Yet the ritual of tending the fire symbolized the center and heart of Olympus. What is the fire that you need to tend this lunar month? What is the fire linked to your passion, your purpose and your heart? May you have the fuel to let it burn bright.

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