temple-of-vesta-virgin-statuesThe Virgo New Moon/ Solar Eclipse happens on September 13, 2015 at 2:41 AM ET.

All New Moons offer an opportunity for a fresh start but the solar eclipse intensifies the emotional piece to this. It can touch a very personal memory or impulse, thus making this the perfect time for something to take hold and come forth.

Virgo is the sign of the vestal virgin: “a woman owned by no man”.

The vestal virgins kept the temple of the hearth goddess, Vesta. They were priestesses and fire keepers, responsible for the temple’s continual fire. They doled out embers to the faithful for their hearths at home. The virgins kept to themselves but they served the greater community.

Whether male or female, when someone has strong Virgo energy, that person keeps his/her own counsel. Attention to detail and quiet determination are hallmarks of the sign.

Nothing is too small to overlook; this is the time to attend to the tree that is integral to the sustainability of the forest.

More on this New Moon/ Solar Eclipse to come. If you would like my FREE September 2015 overview audio replay, you can gain access here

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