solareclipseForecast 9/13 

The Virgo New Moon/ Solar Eclipse happens at 2:41 AM.

All New Moons offer an opportunity for a fresh start but the solar eclipse intensifies the emotional piece to this. It can touch a very personal memory or impulse, thus making this the perfect time for something to take hold and come forth.

Virgo is the sign of the vestal virgin: “a woman owned by no man”. The vestal virgins kept the temple of the hearth goddess, Vesta. They were priestesses and fire keepers, responsible for the temple’s continual fire. They doled out embers to the faithful for their hearths at home. The virgins kept to themselves but they served the greater community.

Whether male or female, when someone has strong Virgo energy, that person keeps his/her own counsel. Attention to detail and quiet determination are hallmarks of the sign. Nothing is too small to overlook; this is the time to attend to the tree that is integral to the sustainability of the forest.

Virgo New Moon 0913_2015
In the chart of this Solar Eclipse, the position of both Uranus (the Great Awakener) and Mars (symbolizing desire and assertion) shows an even greater surprise quality and volatility around this eclipse. Sudden passionate expression can upset existing plans.

This is not necessarily bad, but careful communication is essential.  How a person reacts suddenly does not necessarily indicate his or her long-range orientation to the new experience. The effects of an eclipse can reverberate for up to six months, so choose carefully where you put your focus over the next couple of weeks.

Since Mercury (the planet aligned with Virgo) is in a challenged position, the transitional element may come from communications, especially through neighbors or siblings.

Smith-College-Class-1902-basketball-teamThe Sabian Symbol for this New Moon/ Solar Eclipse is “A girl’s basketball team”. A team is only as good as its cooperative ability. Each player must support those who can snare a basket through their excellent defense.

The team in the symbolic phrase is one girl’s which signals an individual, as opposed to girls’, the entire team. This drives home the personal element in this time of new beginnings.

There is a call to light your inner fire and follow your heart. Is “basketball team” the one the girl roots for from the sidelines, or is she an active participant? This is a detail in the symbol that allows different interpretations.

Recognize what fires you up and give it your attention. Regardless of player or fan, your team cannot succeed without practice. You may not run on to the field the day of the New Moon, but when your heart is invested and you are ready to commit, the “how” eventually unfolds.

The Virgo Moon goes void-of-course/voc* at 10:08 PM. The Moon enters Libra at 10:41 PM, time for a conversation, letter to a friend or a good book.

The ritual of an abundance check can help to channel that desire to “do something”- For abundance check information..

*in Virgo, the void-of-course is great for organizing, finessing a project or exercise routine and clearing out closets. What is something seemingly insignificant that you’d like to make time to do? This may be the perfect time for it. More about the Moon VOC


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