virgoForecast 8/23

The Sun enters Virgo at 12:46 a.m. ET. Now the Great Wheel has moved into mutable earth.

This is when the season change starts to shift from summer to autumn and the earth composts the harvest and starts to prepare for the shift. Energetically we prepare as the wide-open summer moves to the focus of autumn.

Whether consciously or not, we make those last journeys and summer activities that we’d promised ourselves. Today you might look at what still is possible and make your summer list. This may cause a bit of aggravation, as fun may trump responsibilities, but only you know if realizing pleasure increases your productivity.

Sometimes we have to take a break or enjoy ourselves in order to be truly effective in our work life.

We are entering the dark of moon period, so attention to what must be completed is always recommended. The contrast of the Virgo Sun with the Leo Moon may frustrate attempts to get organized; remind yourself that the New Moon comes Monday, when there may be time enough to make order happen.