Watch Your Backup

The Pisces Moon continues to roll with yesterday’s momentum (if you let it).

The work here is to back up files and do your due diligence of Mercury Retrograde hygiene. My husband’s computer has become inoperable as I write this and you can bet I am backing up (which I hadn’t been before).

Yes, even though I know better, I get lazy as the next person.

The other “back up” to be aware of today is careful communications. Edges tend to be fuzzy when the Moon is in Pisces which can enable creative play, but may limit clarity.

If you sense an undertow, you’re probably right; be alert for passive aggressive comments or a tendency to pass the buck. When you catch any unresolved feelings directly, you can avert problems in the long run.

Be aware that you may be the one with the issue. If this is the case, it’s better to analyze the why than to wait for someone to call you on it.