Forecast 8/20 The moon enters Libra at 12:45 am ET.

Although there are still some rough patches when the moon is in this cardinal sign, it lands on its feet by the time its journey ends. So whenever you feel thwarted today, remind yourself it’s simply a detour; you will get there.

If you want to launch or begin something, it will be easier if you can wait until tomorrow or later in the week. Monday is the toughest day.

In spite of that, through confrontation or surprises, you can gain tremendous respect and acknowledgment. You alone know what you must take on today and what you can prioritize differently.

Strength and determination increase in the evening, as does a tendency to think that you can’t have the whole enchilada. If it’s important to you, try to see it from another angle. There’s always a way and that’s absolutely the case now.

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