Week of May 1, 2017 Astrology Forecast

I invite you to listen to the complete recording below to get the full weekly forecast and meditation. Brief notes of this week’s BTR recording:

May Day recognizes the turn of the Great Wheel when ancient celebrations pierced the Earth with a May Pole. Young people danced around it with joy. Dormant animals awaken, birds and creatures stir with an increase of instinctual mating. This fecund time mirrors an ability to bring ideas and projects to fruition.

The Moon is void-of-course until 12:12 AM ET on May 2 when it enters the sign of Leo. The Leo Moon energy juices up creativity and focus. It is impactful and sustaining for the next 48 hours. Get something off the ground that you want to move forward.

Keep in mind that Mercury is about to Station Direct on May 3. Nonetheless, people you meet and conversations you have can gain traction over the next few weeks. From our perspective on Earth the planet Mercury appears to freeze in the sky before it starts direct motion. Information can fly in or an inspiration pops up. A picture in the sky between Sun and Neptune indicates a lovely spiritual tone may imbue many activities, if you allow it. This is a tremendous day for artistic expression, or to get a message out. Bypass any resistance or sense of shyness, because the most important thing is to impart and receive the message. There is an immediacy that requires a response.

The Moon enters Virgo at 5:47 AM ET on May 4. How are you going to run with an idea? What architecture is required to hold up the concept? There is a lot of correcting and editing that may go on. People can be short-tempered this evening and sensitive to criticism. Be alert driving and avoid confrontations.

Therapeutic work, organizing and realistic strategies thrive on 5/5. Be realistic because high expectations may be too much of a stretch. Do things that can get done instead of getting frustrated by stymied projects.

Early morning may feel a bit fraught on May 6. If you or someone else is overwhelmed by the “shoulds”, exercise and do something that feels constructive. Do service, visit a sick friend, clean the house — tackle a results-oriented task.

At 2:20 PM the Moon enters Libra which begins a period of bringing people together to achieve goals. Be aware that this evening can trigger any sense of lack which may be part of your (or a friend’s) past. Recognize it but do not identify with it. On May 7 justice can be served and recognition of the cultural pleasures around you.

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