Week of May 8, 2017 Astrology Forecast

I invite you to listen to the complete recording below to get the full weekly forecast and meditation. Brief notes of this week’s BTR recording:

The Libra Moon on May 8 went void-of-course at 6:59 PM ET – kick back, enjoy cultural events and the company of interesting people. Wonderful for the exchange of ideas but it’s better to coast, because not so great about decision-making.

May 9 has a Scorpio Moon which ramps up the power drive; connect to people with whom you trust for a transformational stretch — whether financial, personal or therapeutic. We are approaching the Full Moon which may demand deep emotional commitments.

The Scorpio Full Moon occurs on May 10 at 5:42 PM ET. Emotions may be at all-time highs, even though there is nothing apparent on the surface. Reciprocal alliances within the work, family and personal frames are essential. This can be a magical evening and incredibly intense.

May 11 has a Sagittarius Moon as of the afternoon. This sets up a few days of fast-moving energy. Confusion reigns when exuberance does not take details into account. Thorough planning in the morning really allows unfettered movement Thursday afternoon through Saturday evening.

A lot can get done in a short period of time WHEN you have good systems in place.

The early evening of May 12 can trigger short tempers. This passes and awareness tempers possible volatility.

Be outside on May 13 to enjoy a super-fun day and the physicality of your body when surrounded by nature spirits and inspiration.

The Capricorn Moon on Mother’s Day indicates a challenging day because your sense of what you need may be at odds with what you want. A little give and take makes all the difference. Fulfill whatever obligation is necessary but give yourself a lift through a lovely connection with Mother Earth.

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