If you know your Rising Sign a.k.a. Ascendant, read that as well as your Sun sign for a more dimensional interpretation.

ARIES: Even though you may feel like launching something new, bursts of action will occur rather than dramatic shifts. The next couple of years are about finishing up: whether studies, projects, passages or what life looked like the past period of time. You are in preparation for a new beginning but what that is, mmmm… not quite here yet. You may be in the process of a certification or gathering funds for a big move or vision. You may have absolutely no idea what this may be — or you are crystal clear of what you want. The important thing to know is that the Universe will provide what you need, as long as you are working on greater self-awareness. Be patient with the process, easier said than done for an Aries!

TAURUS: Friends and networks may change. If you are always involved in group activity, whether a club, service group or business gatherings, it may be time to narrow the commitments. Winnow off any surplus to the people and activity that means the most to you. Or you may step up to a leadership role within a group. Some associations may not work the way they used to or simply are not as productive. On the other hand, if groups of people are not your happy place, you may have to connect to one for work or another responsibility. This is a time to make a commitment to a group, which could be a cause, professional aim or one that supports a project, like a 12-step or caregiver group. Confronting fears and limitations leads to strong alliances. It is through these alliances that you will be able to obtain that which you long for most.

GEMINI: This period should lead to kudos and success for a job well done. If you’ve been on the right track and focused in past endeavors, status, recognition and higher positions are possible. However, for someone who has cut corners or not delivered, this can be a reckoning period. If you have not been on a dedicated path, you may start to better understand what you’d like to achieve. For a person who has taken awhile to “find themselves” there can be a step up that they find they are ready to take. This can be a small step that eventually leads to a clear path. Or it can be a leap that they were more ready for than they knew. For some people this can lead to a career change or determination to take more responsibility in a job or desired direction.  

CANCER: Back to school may be the theme for the next couple of years. You may already be in a program or realize that now is the time. For writers, this is an excellent time to publish – not necessarily a book offer for everyone, but perhaps an e-publication or voice on an editorial. You might want to explore religion, either from your family of origin or one you practice that you now feel a need to go deeper. This can also be a time of religious study as a way to better understand what compels many people. The yen to travel may entice, but there are limitations, either because it’s about work, or you don’t have the companion or funds you’d like. Saturn is our teacher – whatever we feel we lack, we can commit to the work required to eradicate that.

LEO: This may be a rather serious time for you especially in a close relationship (family, lover or other intimate). You may be in therapy or choose to begin. There can be limitations that are uncomfortable or even harsh. If possible, work to articulate fear, either with the person involved or with a trusted ally. If you have investments, make them safe or only do so for the long haul. This is probably good advice for everyone now unless they are a wizard trader, but it’s especially pertinent for the Leo. The positive in your financial world is the potential for a raise. If you are in a job with no prospect of that, you might be moved to look for a new one. Or perhaps additional pay comes your way through some moonlighting, inheritance or gigs. 

VIRGO: If you are in a relationship, the next few years demand a commitment to shared goals. Whether a long-term marriage or fledgling partnership, it’s time to declare and set goals.  Where is the relationship going as you date, live together, marry, empty nest, retire? A free-form coexistence will only go the distant if that is how both players want it. Whether the relationship is business, therapist/patient or student/mentor, you must define what you want to get out of your time spent together.  A relationship with a professional may need to change or you make a commitment to work (coach, healthcare provider, therapist). Some relationships will strengthen, others fracture. Virgos often carry the weight of day-to-day activity in a relationship, but this is the time to study whether or not the duties are  egalitarian.

LIBRA: New or more committed health routines are in order. A Libra functions best when balance is the aim. That means meals that feed and sustain your body; limit sugar in all its delectable forms. Moderation is what keeps the scales level… you don’t need to forgo all pleasure! Find the exercise form that fits you now. Often that can change depending where we are in the arc of our lives. It’s possible that different maladies have bothered you for awhile, maybe something never diagnosed. It’s also possible you may have been caretaking someone else for quite some time. The next few years stress the importance of good health routines for you – for strength and focus. This is also an excellent period to deepen into a meditation practice.

SCORPIO: If you are in the arts, these are years of focus and discipline. On the other hand, you may feel the well is dry and you’ve got nothing. Some Scorpios may decide it’s time to walk away from their creative past, a lover or the risks they’ve always taken. But if you are not clear that’s the action you want to take, then it’s time for an art practice. Show up and do something in your work space every day, even if you simply sit in front of a blank canvas. Get the book “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron and commit to read it. Even if you don’t think of yourself as an artist, but you feel a lack of inspiration – that book can help. Another way this transit might be affecting you is through your children. If they feel stymied, your job is to help them develop their creative practice, regardless of whether or not we are talking art. If you don’t have a child and are trying to get pregnant, once again, a creative practice can help relax and reflect.

SAGITTARIUS: If you are not about to move or in the process of, it may be time to restructure something in your home. Build the home office or repurpose that room if you np longer use it. There may be some construction or improvement that now can be addressed. The nest can empty or get filled. You may feel more constricted in your home; perhaps someone has moved in or there’s always work within it and you never experience a harbor. If that’s the case, then structure or create a routine for a harbor. A family responsibility may make demands over this period, especially one involving your mother or father. This can also indicate remortgaging or first-time home ownership.

CAPRICORN: If you have siblings, things may come up to emphasize the relationships. It may be discussions of the past, especially through each of your individual lens. Neighbors can have an impact, either because someone is infirm and needs help or you’re involved in some kind of border project, such as fence building or leash laws. This can be a hard time to get the words out – to articulate what you really want to say, so if you need to, practice in front of a mirror. Validate your position to yourself. If you’re a writer, this can indicate focus, a block or editing. If you feel resistance to writing, the word: “practice” is the key. In Pisces this can mean meditation in front of your desk, listening or dancing to music with no judgment as to why. Saturn is the planet that reminds us to practice… it can bum us out because we are not feeling inspired, but as long as we practice, we hone the blade.  

AQUARIUS: It may be hard to get what you are worth during this period. The raise isn’t offered and the new position isn’t a financial improvement. On the other hand, money can come in from unexpected resources. Your job over this period is to do your books, know your financial situation and do not overspend. Focus on what you most value, whether it’s time with friends and family, work on your home, dedication to your creative process, commitment to self-awareness or goals. Give some time to a heartfelt cause. Prioritize Nature to restore your body’s equilibrium. This financial plateau or low is not forever, but the investment in valuing who you are and what you most care about is your life’s work.

PISCES: Everyone who knows you will see the changes you manifest over the next few years. You may move, start a new venture, change careers, or go back to school. You might begin a new orientation to your body or how you present yourself (perhaps a makeover, hairstyle or wardrobe revamp). Some people marry, divorce or begin a family. The new foundation is to change your way of how you walk into daily life. It can be subtle or radical, but it is something that you’ve been planning or toying with (whether consciously or unconsciously) for some time 

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