coffee and chaiWhat jazzes you?

If you don’t create sparkle in the morning hours, the opportunity may slip through your fingers. What do I mean by sparkle?

What jazzes you?

When you wake, you may have a sensation of what you’d like to do, but it feels at tremendous odds against what is before you. Don’t let that discourage you!

Give yourself a window of possibility, if only for a brief meditation.

A few minutes with a cup of tea and contemplation of nature can supply much needed perspective. Something as simple as the observation of light on falling leaves or a perky bird pecking for food can remind you that there is more right with the world.

A lot can be accomplished today, but not if you feel torn or fractured.

Sometimes responsibilities or obligations can overwhelm or create a feeling that we are not in control of our destiny.

Yet the accomplishment of tasks is important, not just for overall well-being, but for accomplishment and contribution.