10/7/2010 The New Moon in Libra hits its exact point of 14┬░24″ at 2:44 pm ET. The Sabian symbol for this particular degree is: “Circular paths”. I find this particularly arresting, since Venus goes retrograde in the early hours of 10/8.

Stone Barnes ┬ęCucinell 2010

The word “orbits” comes to mind: like the orbits in the heavens, patterns of family constellations, and truths like “history repeats itself”. When Venus steps backwards, we have an opportunity to evaluate the ways we relate to one another- and how effective we are finding soulmates and fellow travelers.

Libra is all about relationships- but it’s about ALL relationships. President Eisenhower (a Libra New Moon baby) was a brilliant diplomat but he was also a calculating general. In astrology, the “house” in which you find your romantic partner also defines your business partner as well as your enemy.

How can that be? There are positive and negative pieces to everything. The scales tip to extremes will always force a need to balance.

With this new moon, contemplate any plans or growth you desire in relationship. Plant seeds for contracts, legal discussions and coming to terms with any adversarial situations.

This moon bodes well for harmonious agreements; be aware however that there may be hidden enemies or agendas that can muck up higher aspirations.

Keep your eyes open and integrity in check and you can come out victorious.

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