autumn_hecateForecast 10/22

The Libra Moon classically sets up a mood of harmony and a desire to get along, yet early morning pictures in the sky indicate possible challenges and mishaps.

This is only a temporary wrinkle and overall a great deal can be accomplished.

We are in the Dark of Moon, Hecate’s time. At this time of year the Goddess’ energy is particularly rich as autumn promotes decay and endings. The bright colors of the leaves stoke the promise of renewal; the whispers of the drying leaves gain volume with the north winds like a reminder: in order to bring in the new we must release the old. Back into the earth.

You may experience some resistance, especially in the morning, but once you are willing to recycle an old concept into the new, a buoyancy lifts your spirit.

Laughter lightens the mood and a sense of promise renews. Opportunities and knowledge are available in the evening.

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