IMG_5377Forecast 2/13 

The Sagittarius Moon suggests a highly spontaneous day. Plan an exercise that you can handle to blow off steam, to ensure that any action you do take is in your best interest.

An unexpected invitation may blow in by afternoon; this can fly by like a kite on a brisk day or present you with an offer you can’t refuse. Whether or not you act on it, jot down any inspiration that comes from it.

It may be better to consider carefully before you take a high-dive. An overall exuberant feeling is available, so be sure to use it on projects and people that are worth that expression.
This can be a fun night for an exotic restaurant and/or conversations about travel. Or you may prefer a heady discussion about world affairs, legal matters or religion. Book talks expand horizons as well.

venus_capua_6201Theories abound as to why Friday the 13th is considered unlucky. The superstition is relatively modern, not having much reference prior to the mid-nineteenth century.

Of course, Friday is thought to be the day Jesus was slaughtered and when devout Catholics used to abstain from meat. The number 13 has negative associations from that story as well. The 13th member of the Last Supper, Judas, was the betrayer.

From my perspective as an astrologer, Friday the 13th is a good day, unless other factors mitigate its overall vibe. Friday is Venus’ day. The goddess of love and beauty is a perfect choice to open the weekend. Also Friday is Freyja’s day, the powerful goddess in Norse mythology. Her domain also was love, beauty, fertility and gold… but Friday may also get some of its shadow legacy from her: Freyja oversaw war and death.

Yet the number 13 is the amount of new moons in a lunar calendar. When you consider that and the goddess influence, Friday the 13th is imbued with energy of the feminine: Moon and Venus.

May the best of luck surround you and abundance be yours!

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