donald-trumpThis morning my husband said the news talking heads  spun that Trump may get ousted from the RNC. Since I’ve posted that Trump walks away when deals sour, it’s time to look again: will Trump walk?

I’ve resisted doing this because the man has plenty of attention from others. But here goes.

Now that Mars has returned to Sagittarius, it makes its way towards his Moon.

Mars, which symbolizes drive, assertion and the libido is a very strong planet in Trump’s birth chart – prior post. Now that it’s in mutable fire energy, he is even more unbridled and impulsive.

Trump horoscopeAs Mars proceeds in Sagittarius, it will eventually oppose his natal Uranus, activate the nodal axis and oppose his Sun. At the same time, Saturn (symbolizing limits, discipline, fear) marches steadily in that direction.

Translation = the vice tightens on Trump with an amplified force and impatience.

Mars and Saturn will be in direct line (conjunction) the third week in August. This triggers Trump’s Mercury (the planet symbolizing communication). As Trump would say “not good” because this increases the likelihood that he reacts without thinking or advisement.

From this point on through mid-September when Mars transits his Moon/Sun, the volatility of Trump actually increases. 

A Mars/Moon picture can cause the impulse of a tantrum, which for a high-profile person requires tremendous restraint and self-awareness to weather with grace. It’s dubious Trump can do this with aplomb.

Since these personal transits occur for him during the eclipse season (lunar eclipse 8/18, solar eclipse 9/1 and lunar eclipse 9/16), we can expect the media eruptions to continue.

trump golf walkBottom line, as Saturn approaches his natal full moon, Trump will feel less support and more accountability. As I’ve posted before, this same transit occurred in the late 80s as his bankruptcies and scandals mushroomed.

All this questionable press cannot be good for the Trump brand, but on the other hand, his health may be compromised as well during these transits.

His history is to walk away when the deal sours for him — if he doesn’t walk from mid-August to September when Mars increases the heat, it does not bode well for his overall health or finances, nor for that of the USA.

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