Forecast 7/2
<em>©Cucinell 2013- Sunset over Barefoot</em>
Morning conversations may be a bit confused if you move too quickly or assume too much. The mood is really more about imagination and spiritual revelations, so hard dates and facts dissolve instead of solidify.

Don’t be put off by vague agreements or delayed affirmations; it’s better to conceptualize than to nail down solid plans.

There may b a disconnect in mid-afternoon between what you think you want to have and what actually fulfills a need. This is up for discussion, and the clearer you state you wishes, the more likely to obtain them.

Evening brings the potential for powerful connections. Embrace opportunity and it expands beyond your wildest dreams.

Keep in mind that the energy of the past New Moon is like wind on your sails; the clearer your course, the more fluid the journey.