bookshelf_gemini moonForecast 12/16

The moon is in Gemini, which emphasizes communication, neighbor and sibling relationships and your mode of transportation.

You might take an alternate route today or give some thought as to your commute before you simply go on automatic. This isn’t something to labor over, but to observe your surroundings as you go through them.

A Mercury/Jupiter picture in the sky suggests too many choices on where to put your focus. This coupled with the Gemini Moon makes for a lot of information coming in at once. The ideal is to choose carefully where to put your thoughts and make a commitment to stay with it, no matter how distracting. This becomes possible through frequent timed breaks, which allows greater productivity.

You can expand your horizons within your usual frame of existence. Picture the long view and a destination that seems remote can become more of a possibility.

We are approaching the Full Moon, so completion and integration are overall themes for any project on the burner. ©Cucinell 2013- all rights reserved

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