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Shop Around the Corner

Forecast 12/20

This Solstice weekend has a Sagittarius Moon which adds a “Ho-Ho!” to every activity.

A Mercury/Neptune picture in the wee hours indicates heights of bliss for early morning meditators or perhaps sweet dreams for the dreamers. You may have many activities planned which can lead to mixed signals around midday.

A Venus/Uranus picture may suggest an impulsive encounter or purchase is not necessarily something you would do under ordinary circumstances. If possible, give yourself time to make a calculated assessment. Sometimes just the stimulus of “what if?” is enough; you don’t have to complete the transaction to have had the contemplation.

The afternoon is abuzz with action. A Venus/Pluto picture in the late afternoon encourages a deeper level of commitment. Unlike the day’s earlier distraction, this attraction may be so compelling it is difficult to shake.

Position yourself with the right company for deep-“see” diving. Also very good for keen financial exploration. In spite of these moments of attraction, the overall tone of the day is to live life large.

A Mars/Uranus picture in the late evening suggests an energy surge is possible. You can use it to dance, have an intimate exchange or light some inspired fire.

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