win_sol_2012Forecast 12/21 The Winter Solstice occurs at 6:12 a.m. ET. This is the horoscope that marks the end of the Mayan Calendar (the Long Count of Mayan timekeeping reverts to zero and a new cycle of 1,872,000 days (5,125.37 years) begins). Does this mean Armageddon?

This occurrence has a symbolic resonance that can affect us emotionally, spiritually and physically. With Pluto (transformation/endings) in Capricorn (status quo) we see a blindsided desire to hold on to what has been, while at the same time all obsolete purpose is nonetheless ebbing.

As corporate structures groan against the inevitable, Uranus (change/revolution) in Aries (pioneer) suggests new vistas and possibilities. It’s time for irrevocable change, as well as acceptance of responsibility and the true new age.

The chart for Washington DC has Mercury rising, which with Vesta opposite shows a volatility with our allies. This isn’t necessarily bad; often compromise stems from heated discussions and Venus/Jupiter adds to this see-saw quality of give/take.

Looking for destruction? Not anywhere near as visible as some of the movements we’ve already experienced…. Pluto (transformation/endings) is still engaged with Uranus (change/revolution)- because of Uranus’ position, it does suggest changes in the home or landscape, but a harmonious connection to Venus suggests working with instead of against.

Still there is a fiery warrior aspect to this, so there is a mandate “to do” and not sit idly by. This certainly can stoke those involved in survivalist hoarding or preppers concerned about scarcity looming. It can also activate those willing to take a hands-on approach to changing the status quo, especially when working covertly as well as up-front.

Mars is in workmanlike Capricorn with an uncomfortable lock on Ceres, which suggests that the demands of the outside world are a bit lost to the corporate model. In other words, allies are focused on taking care of their own and looking at the long-view. Although this may not lead to doom and destruction, a continued unwillingness for the U.S. to look at the big picture and its potential role in feeding the world can only lead to friction with its allies. We continue to live in pivotal times for our country and planet.

meditateAs an individual, how the solstice affects you has a lot to do with where the sign of Capricorn falls in your horoscope. Although we all can use this advent of the season as a time of shoring up intellectual fuel for our winter projects, you may be particularly triggered to meet a task and run with it. If you’re born with planets in early degree cardinal, Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, use this time proactively. There’s no point trying to dodge it; change is upon us and with it, acceptance of responsibility and new horizons.

You needn’t launch into a new routine or plan today; energetically things are less volatile tomorrow by mid-afternoon. Expend energy and be positive…. and if you can find the time to focus, meditate and release worry- you magnify the vibratory “yes!”

Have a blessed day.