Monday 12/21
You may wake up this morning with a wide-eyed sense of hope; do your best to keep the magic and spread the glow. With the moon VOC from 7:54 AM until evening, it would be wonderful if you could start your holiday early. Offices will not see high productivity, although purging and filing might be effective.

The Winter Solstice is at 12:47 PM ET as the Sun enters Capricorn. This is when the Sun ends its tropical journey south and seems to center itself before returning north.

The ancients saw this as the birth of the Sun, and later Christians determined Christmas came on the promise of the Sun’s return. In 2009 it will be a particularly charged day because of the positions of Saturn and Pluto.

This makes it a very important day for a peace vigil, prayerwork and candle ritual. Don’t underestimate the power of an individual to create change.