winter solstice 2013Forecast 12/21

The Leo Moon likes to shine on showy and playful events, but there is a limit on how much at this time.

You may have to decide between a couple of good offers or not have anything worth considering. There is a sense of lack, but this is temporary. You decide how big an effect this is going to have on your holiday.

Even when things are particularly stressful, there is a window of relief. The big indicator here is communication. You may write it out, or talk it out with a neighbor or sibling. Whatever you do, if you feel stuck, please reach out to verbalize it. Dust off your copy of The Artist’s Way or make a phone call.

The Winter Solstice occurs at 12:11 p.m. ET, so perhaps you plan to go to a party or have one. The tradition of bringing light into the longest night of the year is also a metaphor for allowing light into personal darkness. Even if you feel elated and pumped, you can benefit from opening to new conversations. See if there’s a sense of limitation, then invite a new point of view to change the equation.

Venus turns retrograde at 4:53 p.m. When the planet of love, beauty and money seems to go backwards from Earth’s perspective, several things may happen. During the cycle (which lasts through January 31, 2014) it is not advisable to have a makeover, plastic surgery or even a new hairstyle.

Old friends and lovers may crop up. Investments may be revisited but speculation is best avoided. To delay the opening of a new business might be to its benefit, unless it’s product is recycling.

When evaluating any retrograde, familiarity with your own natal horoscope is to your advantage, because if you’re born with Venus retrograde, its effect may be very different. ©Cucinell 2013- all rights reserved