The Winter Solstice occurs on 5:45 AM when the Sun enters Capricorn.

The core message of the Winter Solstice, in spite of this time of year’s commercial and complex historical legacy, is to count your blessings, take stock and to share the wealth.

The solstices, like the equinoxes, mark points in our cycle throughout the year. They give us an opportunity to be fully present. The solstices are either the longest or shortest day of the year, depending on where you are on the planet.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the December Solstice marks the official start of winter and the longest night of the year. From this point, the days incrementally begin to lengthen. The Winter Solstice tradition is to gather, share provisions and good cheer.

People bring light within and without through sparkling decor, candlelight and spiritual connections. We bring greenery inside to remind us of the promise of spring. Let’s celebrate that the long days will return. For many of us, this is a spiritual longing for the Light, not just physical.

Sacred festivals at this time mirror the shortest days reach for light: Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa. Yet the Southern Hemisphere encounters their Summer Solstice in December. This turning point is the polarity of what northerners experience.

As humankind has expanded its connectivity to other cultures, so have we grown in conscious awareness. The “smaller” our world becomes, the greater our opportunity for conscious evolution and enlightenment. The December Solstice promises that cycles continue, regardless of the upsets around us.

This Winter Solstice set for Washington DC indicates that the people expect a voice.

A sudden message revelation may affect the housing/real estate market. Investments may start out solid but fluctuate over time. Habits of burying and subterfuge are ripe for exposure.

This horoscope paints a long-view picture of the USA government over the next 6 months. Since the president-elect is involved in real estate, this may involve his personal holdings as well as the overall real estate market. There does not appear to be terrific volatility, at least not initially… but anything can happen! Be careful what you wish for or where you put the lion’s share of your thoughts.