winter solstice 2013Forecast 12/20 The moon enters Leo at 1:48 a.m. ET.

This begins the weekend of the Winter Solstice and promises to be a glorious show of lights in the dark night. The Leo Moon encourages glamour, play and a dramatic flair; find a party or have one of your own.

You may wake with a sense of sadness or confusion, however. Reflect on ways to bring sparkle or fun into your life. Even if this is a difficult time for you, which the holidays can be, open up the expectation for spiritual guidance to show you Grace.

If joy eludes you this holiday, beauty and love can certainly find their way.  If you wish to create something: art, romance or new fruit, this is a weekend of promise.

You may have terrific energy in the p.m., especially if fire or air is strong in your horoscope. Plan an activity you truly enjoy, whether cultural, volunteer or social.

You may encounter a power struggle in the late evening; this may be within you or through another person. Communication enables resolution. If it can’t happen tonight, revisit it in the morning on the actual day of the Winter Solstice. ©Cucinell 2013- all rights reserved

Wainwright House has a Winter Solstice celebration tonight. The event is free but you must reserve a space: 914-967-6080