This morning I awoke on a mountain in Woodstock, NY. I see layers of blue mountains out the windows and my companion is a Senegal parrot who accompanies my tapping of the keypad with occasional chirps. This has been a weekend of many moments of sheer pleasure to be alive, and the parrot’s song is part of this.

Yesterday was the Spring Equinox, which is the astrological New Year. The Sun returns to 0 degrees Aries, directly aligned with the world axis. This “jumpstarts” the promise of New Beginnings, regardless of where you are on the planet. Here in the northeast, lakes swell as they absorb their diminishing ice covers; rivers race with the release of thawing snowbanks.

In towns like Woodstock, shopkeepers put colorful wares on outdoor tables, exploiting our anticipation of spring flowers. Pedestrians fill the streets with dazed faces turned toward sunlight and smiles aimed at passerby. We are waking up after dormancy and our desire to connect and follow impulses increases.

Cooper Lake ┬ęCucinell

Aries is the sign linked to Mars: planet of action, libido, desire and drive. Mars had been retrograde (running backwards from our perspective here on Earth) from Autumn ’09, and changed direction in early March. Therefore, this particular Spring Equinox has an impatient thrust to it, like a colt kept too long in the stable. This can manifest a couple of ways, depending on how this is playing out in your personal horoscope (or the people around you).

If you recognize a sudden spontaneity or desire to push forward without reservations, chances are you’re responding to the increase in drive. Make sure your vehicle is in working order, because you’ll want to move unfettered when the mood strikes you. Focus on the big goal and you can make strides in the next few months. Whatever you act on may have life-altering consequences, so be sure it’s what you really want to make happen.

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