IMG_1559_2Forecast 5/1

Early morning may present the necessity of an adjustment to what you had originally planned. Don’t let it throw you; be conscious of the best way to balance the equation.

With the Libra Moon, you can expect May Day pleasures, so make time for a few.

Here in the NE flowers abound and they alone can lift the spirits.

Opportunities are available midday- see what comes to you and weigh the options.

Early evening may begin a bumpy night. Conversations may be heavy. You may encounter a blockade that is hard to get over.

The fiercest power struggle may be within yourself. Unexpected feelings or an outburst may erupt. Even if there seems to be a gale that is hard to manage, hold fast.

Whatever disagreement or problem occurs can lead to great resolution if you stay in the conversation. Perhaps a cultural event, film or concert can allow you to coast through whatever bumps may occur.

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