monet_water_liliesYour Mind’s Eye

Tremendous creativity and healing energy is available; if you have a project in motion, enjoy the groove.

A strange sensation of helplessness may come over some. This occurs when the focus is a fear or apprehension about the unknown.

Since this is the Pearl Harbor Remembrance, there may be talk of terror. Don’t be at the mercy of someone else’s spin. You are the gatekeeper for your imagination.

When the Moon is in Pisces, imagination paints seductive and lifelike scenes; so take control of what your mind’s-eye sees.

Thoughts magnify and you don’t want to be part of the mass mind that the news can generate. Lots of media belch out images to hook a viewer with no purpose other than numbers. The more vigilant you are about what you watch, the greater your power in attracting what you want.

Instead, surround yourself with companions who choose a spiritual path or one that uplifts the Soul.