Your Unique Concoction

When the Moon is in Sagittarius, you may experience the yen to explore and take a big bite out of life.

How great this impulse is depends on your nature. Whatever fires you up can percolate, so be judicious on how you stir the pot.

You don’t want a stew of yucky old misgivings or things that anger you in your pot. It’s more satisfying to be the leader of your own strategy; don’t let a derailment happen because of the news or a setback.

You don’t want to run after someone just because they hit you with a “tag you’re it!”

If you must, receive the negative news but don’t let it dictate limitations. Proactive decisions help you finish up tasks that dangle while you map the way for future goals.

Consider what lights you up and find someone who can help tend that fire. Or you may want to increase ways to finance a vision.

Level-headed study of the field ahead brings new perspective and possible allies. As we end 2016, it’s valuable to look at where you’ve been compared to your present.

This provides a good indication of where you can go. Even if the proposed goal seems like a bit of a stretch, give it full attention. If you don’t allow it space to breathe it can never come to life.