Client Testimonials

Why the name, Insight Oasis? The word my clients most consistently use when the refer to my work is “insight”.

“Pamela’s daily forecast helps me get my head around the energies of the day and know better how to dance with them. She always has a way to help me set the tone, and adjust my responses as the day unfolds. She’s really gifted!”
Nancy Boyd, 2009 International Coach of the Year

“Thank you, again, for our recent session. You affirmed my belief that all I do is guided, for a reason, and has purpose.

You practice loving kindness and you are an inspiration.”

Tara from Tarrytown

“Pamela’s forecasts are remarkable and life-changing. In October of 2007 she told me I would expand my professional life by adding workshops to my repertoire of services.

I said, ‘I am too shy.’

Since then I have done 4 workshops and a group series!

Her guidance and wisdom are always “right on”. I am grateful to her for enriching my life with new insight into who I am and what I am meant to do.”

Melinda Martin, LCSW, Rye, NY

Sessions with me may have little or no astrology jargon, depending on your comfort level. I strip the symbolic information to its essence, to deliver a message that is comprehensible and useful in your life.

Whether you feel it’s possible or not, you do create your life. Your ability to attract success, love and money is deeply affected by your inherent attitude towards these things, which is reflected in your horoscope.

If you’re moving through career changes or need to understand your relationships with co-workers, a lover and/or family members, my services can help you be the architect of your life!

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“Pam is a valuable resource when it comes to growing my business.

I know through my work with her that astrology can be a very useful tool for understanding trends. She helps me to stay on the right path.

She has helped me to better understand myself and my family through astrology. Because of this, my daughters have gained perspective as they navigate adolescence.
I knew them as unique individuals, but now I know more effective ways to approach each one.”

Susan Rubin, DMD, HHC, Chappaqua, NY

As a single mom of 3 kids six years apart in age, I feel like I’m not only a single mom, but a single mom of 3 separate families. The insight and information Pam provides by helping me see myself and my children through an astrological lens makes a huge difference in my ability to go beyond merely coping from one day to the next, but truly navigating the multiple paths we are all on and allows me to provide guidance to my kids in a way they can hear and understand. The friction that erupts feels less personal and doesn’t “push my buttons” like it used to, and I’m more able to remain calm and clear-headed when the inevitable bumps in the road appear.

Pam shows me, in language I can understand, the potential areas of conflict between me and each of my kids and how to use my strengths to draw out theirs. She’s quick to point out where I’m already successful and modeling great things for them, and gently – without judgment – suggests adjustments I can make where I’m not. Her support is consistent and unconditional and I am forever grateful.

Suzanne Bird-Harris, WordPress consultant / online business coach, Tulsa, OK


More than just an astrological reading, Pamela shed light on disparate parts of my personality and also helped me determine my future direction, as well as what to focus on. It was amazing how much Pamela understood me and my life.

Pamela is professional and trust-worthy. She made me feel relaxed and comfortable… I will return to Pamela for future consultations.
Diane Negvesky, M.S., Registered Yoga Teacher

“I was astonished after… not understanding how she was able to so accurately define my personality and deeper issues, solely based on my birth date/time. It was very validating to hear ‘who I am’ from a complete stranger… a piece of me reclaimed myself.

…she has pinpointed future occurrences that actually come to transpire. I can’t begin to understand what she does, but I highly recommend a reading to everybody who is open to it.”

Eliizabeth Brown, CPA, Thornwood, NY

gailkweb… I had so many questions about what direction my life was traveling… Pamela’s work was so thoughtfully, carefully done, intelligently and meticulously conveyed.

The reading was… a way of paying attention to opportunities that might come up, and a way of guiding me on my path. I find that getting a reading every few months is a good idea, and a reminder to pay attention to my path. Including astrology as part of my life has been a helpful and welcome tool for personal growth.

Gail Kellstrom, Acupresssure teacher & practitioner, Reiki Master, Shamanic Councillor, LMT

“When people ask me why I “believe” in astrology, I always find myself explaining that I see astrology as a science and not a ‘belief’ system. The moon makes the tides rise and fall, moving huge bodies of water. The magnetism of the moon has a dramatic effect on our planet and we primarily consist of water.

The magnetism of the planets, of the celestial bodies in our solar system have an effect on our bodies, our emotions, or mental abilities, on our life. To not see this in effect in our life would be very polarizing and isolating. Astrology recognizes the interconnectedness of the universe – we are a part of a great vibrational space, creating frequency and responding to frequencies.

I have a mechanic for my car, an accountant for my finances, a homeopath for my health, a Buddhist lama as my teacher, and an astrologer for my life coach. Pamela is a necessary and required part of my team and I do not make any major decisions without learning about the state of the skies, their magnetic effects on my situation and the potential of given situations.

Pamela provides very grounded, practical information of the state of things and how I can relate to my self and my world. Her information is always about developing the potential of any given situation.

I check the weather to see if there will be a snow storm, rain, high UV, and I prepare accordingly. I see Pamela as my meteorologist, she tells what is coming and how to prepare for it, deal with it because she has the baseline of my personality from my natal chart. She understands how I relate to the world and how the world relates to me. So it is as if she sees me for whom I truly am and supports the development of my full potential!”
Suzy Meszoly, Homeopath, Channel

janiceob“Pamela knew exactly who I am by my chart and she was right on.
She gave me several suggestions how to empower and achieve my dreams/goals at the right time.”

Janice O’Brien, Wowgreen Independent Distributor