lakshmi copyI was struck during my yoga class today that teacher Sujatha Raman chose to spoke about the Hindu goddess Lakshmi.

Since today’s New Moon has such a strong alignment with the planet Venus, it’s not surprising that this Hindu goddess has come forward.

Lakshmi has much in common with the Greek goddess Aphrodite and the Roman Venus; all are goddesses of Love to attract wealth and prosperity, both material and spiritual.

Yet Lakshmi seems more directed and wise to me; Aphrodite/Venus often moves instinctually and at times capriciously. When working consciously with Venus, it is important to know the results of what you attract. One of Venus’ symbols is the mirror. A mirror placed cavalierly might bring a ray of sunlight that burns. Then again, a mirror directed with intention can signal or light a fire.

The etymology of the word ‘Lakshmi’ stems from Sanskrit roots which mean “aim” or “goal” and also “to perceive, observe, know, understand”. 

Love allows us to be open to opportunity and to attract the relationships that allow riches. Since I reflect on Lakshmi today, I realize that she strengthens the New Moon vibration of intention, because that is what is available to us during the growth period of the seed energy.

Venus, mirror cropIf you don’t have a concrete “aim” or “goal” at the time of the New Moon, your ability to create is not in your direct control. Be conscious of what you want to attract over the next couple of days. Remember that Venus and Lakshmi are goddess symbols to encourage you to embrace the piece of you that embodies Love, Wealth and Abundance.

Where do you want to direct your mirror to ignite a fresh perspective?