Chiron in Pisces and Astrology

The glyph or symbol for Chiron actually looks like a skeleton key.

Signs and Transits

When a planet is discovered, astrologers take note of what was happening on earth at that time, especially in relation to the mythology’s symbolism. When Chiron was discovered in 1977 it was in the sign of Taurus. The sign in a horoscope that Chiron is in highlights the area of life where a wound might originate and/or the shaman’s teaching potential. In your own horoscope, the sign, house and relationship to other planets indicates how prominent Chiron’s lessons are in your life.

The sign of Taurus stimulates a relationship with the physical and the earth, and the ability to create something of value. Taurus responds in a tactile way emotionally and to solve problems through the physical realm. It’s discovery at that time dovetailed with several movements.

Ecological Awareness

Chiron’s quality of half man/half horse speaks of the necessity of the Higher Mind to balance with the reality of being dependent on Earth’s bounty to sustain the Lower Body.

In 1977 there was an oil shortage for many countries dependent on it for energy. The Global 2000 Report forecast a crowded, polluted and ecologically compromised planet if no ecological policies were implemented. Chiron creates a symbolic picture of the wound many people were expersilent_springiencing at that time as a result of their increasing limitations for an intimate relationship with the Earth.

The awareness of the environment’s fragility coupled with the crude oil economy created some moves to change the tides. The 1949 Geneva Conventions were amended to prohibit environmental damage during international and internal armed conflict. President Carter of the U.S. promoted thermostats at 65 degrees and mph at 55. NYC suffered an extreme blackout that climaxed in looting and losses. This led to a tighter format in how energy was dispersed for the city and its suburbs’ large electronic grid.

The word permaculture was first coined in 1978 as concepts of designing human habitats interwoven with food production systems started to develop. The concerns about environmental limitations, polarized by our base desire to have and take what we want from the earth, shows the mark of the Higher Mind/Lower Body conflict. The ideal as symbolized by Chiron, is the intellect supports and sustains the physical body’s relationship with the Earth.

Holistic Healing Awareness

In mythology, Chiron the healer worked with the forces of nature to alleviate suffering.

Beginning in 1976, the chiropractic profession made strides for all holistic practitioners when it opened an anti-trust suit against the A.M.A. To quote one excerpt from the lengthy document of Wilk vs. American Medical Association: “it (A.M.A) raises costs to interfere with the consumer’s free choice to take the product of his liking; it is anticompetitive to prevent medical physicians from referring patients to a chiropractor…”(2) This ruling paved the way for the growth of many holistic methods of healing in tandem with mainstream western medicine.

Transcendence from Stereotype

Chiron was initially rejected by his mother as a freak of nature. Yet his mentor and students loved and respected him for his mind and intuitive skills.

elephant manThe play the “Elephant Man” premiered in London in 1977, bringing the Victorian story of Joseph Merrick’s intelligence in spite of his deformity to greater public awareness. In the States, the Education for All Handicapped Children Act, started to take effect implementing free, appropriate public education for children with disabilities within regular schools. This complimented the Independent Living options that developed around the same time.

The astrologer Kim Rogers-Gallagher observed that the International Symbol of Access, designed in 1968 has a similar look to the Chiron symbol (glyph). It is certainly true that strides made in the 1960’s for civil rights benefited the disabled as well, and in 1977 real changes were taking place in their everyday life.

But arguably the greatest catalyst for change in 1977 was Apple’s manufacturing of the first mass-produced PC. Aside from the tremendous impact personal computers have had on business, education and relationships, they have allowed the disabled to work in ways that challenge any prejudice about their abilities.

Once again “fire” was given to humankind and once again, our responsibility for its power was at hand.

Chiron travels through the sign of Pisces from February 2011 until 2018. The last time Chiron was in Pisces was 1961-1969 (and before that 1910-1918). Since it was not yet discovered then, our ability to integrate the lessons of Chiron was less conscious before we knew about its existence than is now.

The sign of Pisces indicates the end of the zodiacal cycle. In the sixties it foreshadowed the end of Chiron’s invisibility; nonetheless its subliminal message had a strong effect.

The Uranus Pluto conjunction was in Virgo in the 60’s which amplified Chiron’s expression in the electric transformation of the times. This is because Virgo is the opposite sign of Pisces, so Chiron provided a mirror for all that profound upheaval.

The 60’s created a cultural revolution, and the common denominator was music. Although music can be intellectually disseminated, its ability to connect requires no common language, no higher education.

Pisces is the sign of music and the arts that connect us through the universal unconscious. Chiron in Pisces reminds us how music is used as a healing tool. Music in the 60s merged many schools in new ways: classical, folk, world, jazz and rock. It expressed pain, political messages, celebration of the earth and love in a new way that still reverberates.

Artwork and how it was seen and viewed was also turned inside out. The impulse to make art to communicate in new dimensions birthed conceptualism, performance art, installation art and earthworks. New tools facilitated photo-realism and video art.

Pisces is also the sign of the mystic and this carried in art and music. Minimalism at its best creates spaces for the mind to relax, although this was not necessarily its original intention. The creativity of the ‘60’s expressed a longing for something more, or it flatly denied the existence of anything but the present. However, the urge to create is often precipitated by the desire to communicate with the Universal Unconscious (a very Piscean impulse).

The Beatles were messengers of the power of meditation. Chiron symbolizes the teacher, the mentor and in Pisces there is a mystical quality to the message. Chiron in Pisces was in trine with Neptune in Scorpio (a harmonious combination to indicate transformation and healing through the unconscious) through much of the ’60s and the shifts in religion and spirituality were another strong theme of the time.

Pisces increases a desire for the numinous, or for an escape to the “void”. Chiron points to the wounds that cause a search for meaning, as well as the opportunity to strive for it. The U.S. removed the concept of prayer in public schools as a violation of Freedom of Speech which incensed many people but validated others. Vatican II tried to make Catholic Mass more assessable by removing Latin and having the priest face the front. “Cults” gained a choke-hold on the lives of some families and the Hare Krishna spread in numbers with saffron robes. Islam established communities in the U.S. and conservative churches grew in reaction to the liberal changes. For many people, the use of LSD, peyote and marijuana became a spiritual experience.

Is_God_DeadTime magazine published its famous cover: “Is God Dead?” but over 40 years later, this is hardly the case. It is clear however, that the stereotype of God has changed.

Chiron was a great healer through his use of the natural world. At the beginning of the ‘60’s, Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring” produced public furor over environmental concerns. The Clean Water and Clean Air Acts were declared in the U.S. and photo images circulated of the hazards of oil pollution in the sea.

The Nuclear Test Ban Treaty was forged between the U.S. & U.S.S.R. Many conservation groups banded together; more parcels of land were put into national trust like the Redwood Forest. By the end of the ‘60’s, Rachel Carson died after a long fight with breast cancer (another felled “wounded healer”).

Pisces represents chemicals. The routine spraying of the herbicide Agent Orange (with the toxin dioxin) across South Vietnam attempted to destroy foliage to reveal enemy forces and supply lines. This also had the effect of killing agricultural crops used by the enemy (and innocent inhabitants). The destruction of nature through chemicals (and then the human cost as a result) is the Shadow of the Piscean Chiron.

By 1961, Thalidomide had been proven to cause difficult birth defects. In 1962 controversy erupted when Sherri Finkbine (an American presenter of Romper Room, a children’s show), decided to abort once she realized her Thalidomide intake might result in birth defects for her 5th child.

This laid the groundwork for public questions instead of accepting on faith new “wonder drugs”, but it would take decades to take root. The ease of birth control increased the illusion of “free love”. It was an illusion because with sexual freedom (Promethean fire) came another responsibility. The threat of pregnancy did not release a partner from the connection that physical intimacy brings. Many people were confused by the heightened freedom, children were born in spite of it and we are still redefining relationships today.

Mothers and exploited women energize as an army of Wounded Healers. Generations of women who had helped create our societal culture and had mothered children and supported families began to stand up and demand true equality. Feminism in America became radical. Women flooded into the workforce demanding equal pay, childcare and abortion. The frame of the family began to dissolve (another Pisces word).

When we go back to the earlier cycle of the Pisces Chiron before the sixties, we are in 1910-1918, when jazz and folk music were being recorded for the first time. By the end of Chiron’s cycle, radio was being formatted for public listening.

The art movement DaDa came about as a reaction to the political climate following WWI. DaDa was the first “non-art” movement (although they didn’t consider it a movement, but a protest). One of DaDa’s most famous images was Marcel Duchamp’s copy of the Mona Lisa with a mustache (yes, that actually was done by an artist). The other was a urinal that he displayed titled “Fountain”.

Just as DaDaism was gaining acceptance in the art world, the artists disbanded. Although DaDa was short-lived, it was one of the harbingers for attitudes unleashed in the ’60s art scene. The Piscean Chiron themes of music and art culture were as alive in the 1910’s as in the 1960’s.

In the 1910s, Henry Ford began his assembly line. The car would lead to a freedom which entailed responsibility, another Promethean “fire” gift. New government service programs were born in the U.S., fueled by the personal income tax which had been instated initially as a temporary tax for the war.

The women’s abolition movement in the U.S. gained momentum and spanned the decade, although it actually began in the mid-1800’s. Susan B. Anthony worked tirelessly and led the movement in the early 1900’s. She was an Aquarius, but had many planets in Pisces, including Chiron. Anthony created the organizing templates that all grassroots organizations use today.

Among the ranks who enabled the eventual passage of women’s rights were many “wounded healers”. These were intelligent, privileged women who were tired of stifling their gifts because of societal prejudice. They were determined to give voice for all women, including those with no resources.

Pisces is the victim as well as the savior, which fits Chiron with a particular emphasis. Although one could imagine a “victim” element in Chiron, this is not found in his mythology. On the contrary, Chiron was very independent and self-directed. He found one of the best mentors a sensitive intellectual could have in Apollo. Even when Chiron was wounded with the poison arrow, he continued to teach and serve. His motivation was not to be subservient or sacrificial but to reach a high level of respect in spite of prejudice.

So when Chiron was in Pisces a dominant “Wounded Healer” figure, like Martin Luther King or Nelson Mandela, did not embody a sense of victimization as an identity. Yes, they represented people who had been victimized (as Chiron defended Prometheus) but they did not see themselves in this light. Although they both had certainly borne the brunt of prejudice, they did not view themselves as victims. They could not, because their dominant traits were to teach and lead, not to submit.

Looking ahead to Chiron’s journey through 2010 and beyond, we are promised some of the 1910/1960s flavor especially in it’s first few years. Certainly we’ll see shifts in the big themes: art, music, women, holistic healing and the environment.

Let’s first look at its recent travel through Aquarius from 2005 to 2010. Chiron’s orbit is extremely eccentric; it has spent only 5 years in Aquarius and is about to for 9 years in Pisces. The brief stints are no less impactful; on the contrary, it is usually more intense. Aquarius is the sign related to electric, erratic, revolutionary, technology, the unusual and freedom.

The 2005-2010 Chironic themes echo the 1950s

Chiron in Aquarius shows the wounds in a community, as did the ’50s alienation in the suburbs, McCarthyism, the Cold War and civil rights.

As television brought “the world” into the living room in the ‘50s, so has Internet expansion in the last 5 years. The Internet can alienate and emphasize the disparity in cultures or in individual lives. It also has the ability to connect in profound and heretofore unexplored ways.
As its use spreads in China, burgeoning state control creates greater pressure for freedom. In places like North Korea, the Internet is so monitored, it actually creates an “alternate reality”. North Koreans see a world they are allowed to see, one that enables them to think they as a people have the best resources and lifestyle on the planet.

In the ‘50’s television became ubiquitous in people’s homes. The seductiveness of the medium allowed people to feel connections in deeper ways than they had with radio. The digital world is influencing humans in an evolutionary way, another Promethean gift.

In 2005-2010 libraries began to digitize reference materials and books en masse. Data curating was one of the many new professions created for a digital world, internet marketing exploded and social networking happens on-line more than off-line.

Texting and Twitter shorthand thoughts and keep people “on” all the time. Kindle was introduced and babies recognize an electronic tablet as a book.

When Chiron is in Aquarius, the tendency to over-intellectualize and experiment can be at a cost. In the late ‘50’s, technology exploded new pharmaceutical developments which outpaced healing wisdom. The Salk vaccine was given routinely to all school children to prevent polio in the U.S. After a year, a handful of vaccinated children came down with polio, and they suspended vaccinations until they traced it to one lab.

The birth control pill was released, although with high dosages and no long-term studies. Thalidomide, a sedative was given to pregnant women in Europe to control morning sickness. In the U.S., the drug never received FDA approval, although some women were able to get it through travel.

In the ‘50’s, the first atomic generated electrical power was sold commercially, leading to the faster development of nuclear power plants when oil was compromised.

Fast forward to 2005-2010, when web searches track the spread of diseases/flu faster than traditional methods. Stem cell research continues to portend help for patients suffering from a host of diseases. However, its source of embryonic harvesting causes high emotion and galvanizes fury in some religions. This mirrors the ’50s birth control promise of freedom and the fear it generated as well.

Scientists sequenced the woolly mammoth genome, which brings Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton closer to reality than fiction. Scientific research is focused on ’tissue engineering” and the promise of ‘organ printing (bio-manufacturing)’. The goal is to print living, three-dimensional human organs.

Nadya Suleman gave birth to octuplets from in vitro fertilization, even though she’d already had 6 children from the same process. This raised ethical questions about the doctor’s practice.

Of course, pharmaceutical breakthroughs and energy experimentation may not in themselves be negative. But when Chiron is in Aquarius, there is a tendency to be dazzled by the new, which may have its reckoning when Chiron is in Pisces.

On the other hand, integrative medicine gained more acceptance in the mainstream with hypnosis and energy healing entering hospitals. Some religious leaders seemed more threatened by this than medical personnel. The U.S. Catholic Bishops warned healthcare workers and chaplains when considering reiki therapy: “A Catholic who puts his or her trust in Reiki would be operating in the realm of superstition,” the bishops said, “the no-man’s-land that is neither faith nor science.” (3)

Aquarius is the sign of technology and television. Pharmaceutical companies started to use television ads to market their products directly to consumers, even though they require a prescription. “Reality” TV blurred the line of what was entertainment.

Oprah brought Eckhart Tolle’s concepts of ‘transformation of consciousness’ and ‘spiritual awakening’ to the world through a webcast series. Tolle spoke openly about his crisis which brought him to his profound teachings.

Culturally, virtual art exhibits were shown by the Getty Museum and the first on-line collaborative orchestra had its debut in Carnegie Hall. The movie Avatar broke into new cinematic territory and many people found its story of the validity of mysticism and nature’s connection to be a spiritual experience.

The concept of the Ecological Unconscious received more buzz than it did when introduced in the 1960s. The idea that to suffer from “solastalgia” is increasing among many people, not just indigenous. “Solastalgia… the pain experienced when there is recognition that the place where one resides and that one loves is under immediate assault . . . a form of homesickness one gets when one is still at ‘home.’” (4)

Chiron in Aquarius opened with the wounded community of southern Louisiana because of Katrina, and closed out with the demolition of Haiti. Many people not even connected to these communities felt the upheaval in a personal and visceral way. It is as though more people’s Ecological Unconscious is being triggered by their deeper connection to the wounds of our planet in a way that effects us all.

Chiron in Pisces for 2010 through 2019

The community wounds in the ’50s festered in suburban sprawl, then escaped to the haze of the swinging ’60s Piscean Chiron. In the recent 5 year journey of Chiron in Aquarius, the Internet has opened wounds and forged bonds in electronic community. Like the ‘50’s suburbs, the Internet has set the stage for the Pisces Chiron.

Since the effects of the Internet have created an environment where connection occurs as quickly as the person, concept or question enters a mind, it is not a leap to suspect that telepathic ability will increase. This will bring huge strides for research, especially in the healing arts, medicine and energy options.

But the snare in the fast exchange of thought is a tendency to forgo temperance. When the messages come telepathically, a person can filter its message before its articulated. When the message comes on-line, it is possible the whole world may see it before its been translated through a compassionate filter.

Texting and Twitter have set up a culture where big thoughts and emotions are condensed down to 140 character “haiku” and the rhythm of lyrics. Music is used to shorthand text and will connect strangers and build community rapidly.

ChatRoulette, which at present puts you in touch with strangers on webcam in totally totally random ways took off like brushfire when Chiron was in Aquarius. The majority of players are curious or silly but there is a percentage of exhibitionism and sexual situations. One can speculate the criminal situations that will pop up, but inevitably all viewings will be traceable.

Of course, not all countries have the same laws. The vision for where ChatRoulette may head with Chiron in Pisces is the growth of chatting in webcam/Skype groups of common interest. Political associations, 12 step programs, religious gatherings and discussions will meet visually as easily as we do teleseminars today. With the ease of the “roulette” aspect, people will be able to “see” like-minded people at any time, thus shrinking the borders that seem to divide us.

Ideas like the Law of Attraction can mushroom into huge positive shifts or negative disasters; it all depends who is driving the bus. That’s why it’s so important to work with groups with hopeful aspirations.

Advances in technology will continue to excite the general public, but one of Chiron’s lessons is to use your head, especially when overtaken by enthusiasm. The horse part of a centaur symbolizes the unbridled part of our impulsive nature, while the human side indicates the need for logic and the ability to communicate with compassion.

The simulation of pictures of the electromagnetic field will drive home public awareness of the cost of our love affair with technology. This awareness will wake up the responsibilities that go with our gift of this technology. As we’ve learned from the Promethean tale repeatedly, there is always a responsibility that comes with the gift.

The electromagnetic field ages us and increases stress on our bodies and environment. More illnesses will be linked to exposure to radio waves and the effect it may have on our children’s physical development. Along with awareness will come solutions, but this emphasis will only increase when the public demands it.

The casualties of prescribed drug use will increase, as long-term use results in greater health concerns. Pharmaceuticals in the water supply will create a push for educating the public in proper disposal. With Chiron in Pisces, our water at risk will be re-visited and regulation strengthened.

When medical breakthroughs are introduced quickly, there is often a backlash that follows, when we realize the full range of responsibilities unleashed with the technology. Nonetheless, we can expect an increase in stem cell “miracles”, in spite of the religious controversy. Although marketing and media can continue to educate the public as to the source of the stem cell research (not from embryos), factions that protest wildly against its development will remain.

Although the logical “intellectual” community may think the furor by religious groups against “tissue engineering”, stem-cell research, genome projects and cloning are ill-informed, they may provide some brakes for technology that would otherwise have no checks and balances. Nonetheless, we are on a fast-moving train with no way to stop. The inevitability of dealing with the issues from tinkering with DNA will mushroom as our comfort level increases.

In the same way that drug experimentation led to psychological and societal repercussions in the ’60s, our love affair with medical technology stands to only increase as will the potential fallout from it. To risk a generalization, as Baby Boomers are aging, their investment to hold back time at any cost is an echo to their willingness to purchase mood enhancers when they were young.

The slippery slope of the legality of patenting DNA will explode as an issue, once the “peer to patent” method is approved. This will allow patents to be approved much more quickly through review by a large amount of Internet “peers”. Although the push is to increase the fulfillment of patent requests in a timely way, the hesitation is because monitoring the reviewers becomes much less feasible. The pressure to enable this method will be very acute, especially since commerce sees it as a gain. In the present economic climate, decisions will be made that seem to service the big picture, but in fact may be very short-sighted.

Although it is not as strident a movement as civil rights was in the 50s, the A.C.L.U. will continue to challenge the private ownership of body parts. When human genes are patented (and 20% of them are patented at this point in time), private ownership of a gene DNA may well inhibit effective medical treatment and research.

Medical marijuana will become commonplace and create a greater need for parents to monitor their medicine chests. The more consciously we pass through Chiron in Pisces, the more effective at implementing its message we will be. Sliding into compelling escapism will certainly attract some, but if the majority of people stay awake through the process our spiritual and creative evolution will accelerate.

The high cost of pharmaceuticals and the choices of which to promote will be a major conversation. As women start to question the prescription compensation of drugs like Viagra and not for their needs, another wave of women’s rights will gain force. Viagra’s long-term effects may also come into limelight. Another question is the Gardasil HPV vaccine for girls, which is compensated by most insurance companies in the U.S. for females, but in France it is offered to boys as well.

Cochlear implants will become more sophisticated and mainstream. Once again, aging Boomers whose ears have been blasted by loud music will lobby for the technology that enables them appreciation of sound in spite of their aging ears.

The healing power of music and sound are amplified with Chiron in Pisces. The gains in medical acceptance that alternative healing has made in the early millennium will secure solid footholds in many mainstream institutions. The awareness of sound healing will deepen, as will the understanding of sound’s impact on the educational development of children.

It is highly likely we can look forward to a renaissance of music through 2019. The ability of solo musicians and bands to find one another and different sounds on-line is creating neo-fusions. This level of experimentation will blast through the hackneyed sounds of television music and appeal to a wide audience. 3-dimensional movies and art environments will increase the illusion that everyone is in their own play.

Some religious groups will gain ground as more people look for a spiritual anchor. Worship and group meditation will be commonplace through the internet. The Catholic church may go through another major shift as it reshapes itself, either beyond the premise of Vatican II or a boomerang to the old ways.

Women’s voices have been strong in the past two passes of Chiron in Pisces, and this time it seems as though it would be continuing the liberation. This time the concerns may well have to do with food and empowerment. As Michelle Obama tackles childhood obesity, there is an opportunity to readdress decisions that were made (unconsciously) in the 1960’s America when fast food was embraced by a swelling female workforce. In the same way that women demanded equal work for equal pay, they may raise their voices for food that has a quality fit for consumption.

There are some public Wounded Healers about to come forward. Some of them have already stepped up to the plate, like Eckhart Tolle as he expands his web presence and Oprah Winfrey as she “retires”. When I think of the term Wounded Healer, I think of mothers who do everything they can for their children. No matter how certain they may be that they’ve done all they could, they are magnets for guilt. Every mother who has blamed herself for her child’s obesity or eating disorder is a candidate to step forward as the movement grows.

There will be standouts of some leaders in the next decade, but there will be great numbers of people who change lives and heal due to their passion to serve.

The spiritual awakening and transformation of consciousness will continue, which may sometimes seem at odds with the routine of life. We are truly entering the Age of Aquarius, which was heralded when Chiron was last in Pisces.

What Chiron in Pisces means to you: check your Sun and Rising Signs

Aries– You may experience a vague sense of vulnerability and compassion that is not the norm for you. You are developing your innate spirituality, which depending on your lifestyle, may take some training. This will work beautifully if you are a musician, artist or minister. You may be surprised by some deep inner revelations that you can then channel into your art.

If you are troubled by shame, secrets, guilt or lack confidence (very uncomfortable feelings for an Aries), this may be an ideal time for you to work with a therapist. You might also explore a holistic modality that can help you release it, like past-life regression or Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). If on the other hand, you are quite comfortable with your inner world, this can be a period when you you will want time alone to delve deeply.

This is not an overnight process, but can result in more decisive action as you move forward. You may become quite passionate about a cause or volunteer work. If someone asks for your help, you will want to offer it, but be wary of someone who seems chronically unable to pull it together. Unless this is someone appropriately dependent on you (like a child), avoid any “stray cats” that don’t have four legs.

Taurus– You may find yourself drawn to groups for healing. These can be for networking purposes, or groups you may actually lead or teach. They may also be places where you can find community for working through a problem or addiction. If you are interested in working with spiritual community, now is the time.

You might also enter groups if you make artwork or music, even if you’ve never done this before. For instance, a solo painter might decide to join a mural project. On the other hand, you may find a friend or several friends are going through some major challenges, possibly health or another debilitating preoccupation. You may need some support or guidance to cope with this situation, but whatever you do, don’t avoid it.

You may find that your core hopes and dreams are starting to change. You may question some of your aspirations and modify them. You may feel a need to do more service than you have in the past. On the other hand, you may feel unable to accomplish what you’d like, so what’s the point?

It’s OK to experience a sense of being adrift, because it teaches you compassion. But if you’ve been ‘at sea’ too long, it’s time to get on “meetup” and find a group that fits your purpose. A cooking or gardening with organics might be just the thing.

– This may be a career change time for you, depending on what your focus has been. You may find a need to ‘go green’, or if you’ve been corporate, move into a teaching or healing sector. If you haven’t changed jobs, you may find yourself championing the underdog or making waves to make a point. You may be considered a leader or you may be considered a maverick; it all depends on what your platform is; then again, you of all people could play both.

You may be wrestling with a problem at home that crops up in your work life. It is essential you develop skills to tend to both, or you will start to identify with an inability to separate your home responsibilities from your profession. You can’t neglect either one at the cost of the other. You must be up front with both sides about your commitment to the other.

Even if you want to, you cannot be invisible at work. What you do will be seen and will probably generate strong reactions. Remember how critical it is to listen to people. It may also be possible that a grievance from your past thrusts you out in the limelight with a message to be heard.

Cancer– Depending on what direction your career is going, you may have an impulse to go back to school. Your motivation stems from wanting to learn more about something that will fill a need, perhaps for others but it must also benefit you. You may not know initially what your hunger is, but there is a longing that will start you searching for answers. This certainly can lead you to another career or bring more validation to one you’re already working.

Instead of going back to school, you might be teaching something to help others. This might also be a period when you decide to travel for a cause, like the Peace Corps or to spread awareness about the environment. If you’re a musician or an artist, you could get an opportunity to travel connected to your work.

If you’re involved in litigation, however painful the process may be, you will want to see it to the end. You may also consider publishing but whatever it is, the publication will have a healing component for you as well as the reader.

Leo– This is a beneficial time for you to consider your relationship with investing. Although you may unearth some discomfort about shared finances, the wisdom you will gain from the digging will be worth the friction. It’s highly possible things are not well-defined in this area of your life at this time, but this is an opportunity to address that.

You may suffer a loss and at the same time, gain an inheritance. This is not necessarily a death, but it does indicate a “letting go” process. Old habits or a family legacy may indicate the cracks in your system; it may be time to overhaul your bookkeeping for taxes.

You may be putting too much pressure on your sexuality; if it’s not fun then it might be time to talk about it with someone you trust. If you’ve been trying to get pregnant, it may be time to present yourself to a holistic practitioner to find methods that may be a better fit for you.

On the “lighter” side, you may pursue an interest in the occult: you may go to séances or learn about astrology.

– A relationship may require a great deal of your time right now. Someone you’re involved with may be going through a difficult period and you will need to be flexible. If you work therapeutically, this may indicate one or several people who have an acute wounding and a creativity to work through it.

If you’re not in a relationship, be aware of a tendency to attract (and be attracted to) someone who is a maverick, a shaman, a “wounded healer” or all of the above. You may decide just how involved you’re going to get with his/her journey. The simplest solution may be to organize his/her closet and duck out, but that depends on how you feel when meeting one another’s eyes.

This may also indicate it is a great time for you to see a therapist, coach or counselor. If you feel you’re ready to break through some barriers, now is the time.

Libra– You may find yourself struggling with an exercise program. If you’re so eager to please, you may sign yourself up for a routine that doesn’t allow you alternatives. It is vitally important for you to find the right fit. It is time to seek a system that is going to work for you, not just the one that your best friend recommends.

If you have a pet, make sure s/he’s drinking good water. Pets are particularly sensitive to chemicals, bacteria, etc in water, because their bodies are usually much smaller than humans. Make sure your pet gets proper exercise and nutrition as well as yourself.

If you don’t have a pet, this is a time when one might find you. This can be very healing for you, but be sure you have it all checked out by a vet before you adopt. A co-worker or pet may have something to “teach” you at this time.

Scorpio– You are in a cycle of taking risks. As long as your eyes are wide-open, these can have results that strengthen your spirit. You do want to be aware when you gamble that it is a risk you can afford.

If the risk involves romance, it may have a fated quality that provides you seemingly with no choices. You are passionate by nature and the opportunity to lose yourself in a haunting love affair may be too delicious to pass up. On the other hand, you may feel the sting of a lost obsession and prefer a solitary path for awhile.

This can be a period of tremendous creativity where you open to vistas and an inner life that you’ve not yet explored. If you’re an artist, actor or dance this may be a period of soulful production. If you’ve never considered yourself artistic, you may feel moved to take a pottery or stained glass class.

Sagittarius– Your home may require some of your attention, if you can slow down enough to notice. For example, there may be a drip but the source can’t be determined. Whatever the project, if you can find time to devote to it, you may feel a sense of fixing something more than the house. The challenge is, it may take awhile.

If you don’t live somewhere you love, a longing may come over you to find a home. You may be struck with childhood memories and a wound may surface, or it could be a concern of your mother’s and you’re involved because of her. Although this may not feel like a comfortable period of time, it is causing you to look at pieces of the past that need to be released.

You may decide to look for a new place to live, or you may have to move because of a work obligation. You will in time move from the feeling of not being the “captain of your ship”. The main lesson here is as long as you can take your quick mind and adaptability with you, you will always land on your feet.

Capricorn– You cannot scrimp on car maintanence at this time. Then again, you may find yourself getting around differently than you have in the past. This can lead to inventive commuting or telecommunications.

You may be about to begin a new process that will change structures and break down patterns in your written words. This can occur with all communications, whether it’s email or how you market a product. You need to strip away what is not authentic, to get to the heart that connects your message.

Your siblings or neighbors may require some assistance from you. You may be learning something new from them, either through healing, spiritual or creative occupations.

Aquarius– You may be dealing with expenses for health or responsibilities that don’t leave you a lot of funds for fun. Your tendency may be to let money ebb and flow through your fingers. Now’s the time to learn methods to gain a handle on the sweep of your funds so that you feel more aware of its patterns.

It is important to give your body the foods and rest it needs. You may be inspired to give yourself a makeover or freshen your wardrobe. You may want to hold up a mirror and evaluate whether your appearance really reflects your values. You may be redefining what those are.

If you’ve been holding tightly to funds, you may experience a loss. Although this may be understandably upsetting, it does not need to leave a lasting imprint. Sometimes it takes a loss to allow you to really recognize what is important.

Pisces– The past several years you may have wanted to do something but couldn’t gather the energy, or you may have felt as though you were on a solitary journey. Now you may put your message out there and it is going to feel real. Not everyone will be attracted to what you need to say, but the ones who are will be on the same page. As a result, make sure that what you’re putting out there is what you want to get back.

You may be in the process of healing from a difficult phase, but you are now out in the world and able to forge new paths in your life. You may want to pursue or market a creative vision; this may be your time to make strides if you’re a singer or actor.

If you’ve felt invisible at times, you may be aware this is changing. You may feel strongly connected with a cause or a movement. If you’ve suffered an injury, addiction or injustice, you can choose whether you strive forward or stay with the identity of the wounded. An overall sense of spiritual connection will give you a solid base right now.

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